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Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X Update

Apple will update Final Cut Pro X, in response to user feedback. The latest version of its breakthrough editing program, Final Cut Pro X is only being offered for sale as a digital download from Apple’s Mac Store for $299.

Much like an exotic sports car, Final Cut Pro X features neck-snapping responsiveness, power and great handling.

Final Cut Pro X delivers state-of-the-industry performance in a package of supreme flexibility. The program’s trackless timeline is a recent innovation that reflects what Apple calls an “all-new project architecture.” If you’re interested in learning how to edit films using Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s premier video editing product will provide a level of editing capabilities unmatched by any other software.

Making the Cut
One issue brought up by users was that editors currently cannot import old projects made using Final Cut Pro 7 into Final Cut Pro X. Apple did respond in a Final Cut Pro FAQ that any editors using Final Cut Pro 7 could continue to use that version after installing Final Cut Pro X.  Apple also noted that film editors could import media files from previous versions into Final Cut Pro X.

Regarding other enhancements, Apple announced that multiple-camera editing would be added and backed with “great multicam support” when the update becomes available. Apple was even more specific about adding XML-export capability to Final Cut Pro X, pledging to release a set of APIs within “the next few weeks” that third-party developers can use to access the next-gen XML in conjunction with Final Cut Pro X.

Even with an update on the way, Final Cut Pro X still has some great launch features.

Compound Clips No more timeline clutter with Compound Clips – where you can group a complex set of elements and collapse them into a single clip.

Inline Precision Editor The Magnetic Timeline improves on traditional ways of trimming, including ripple, roll, slip, and slide edits.

Auditions With the unique Auditions feature, you can collect multiple alternative shots at a single location in the timeline and quickly cycle through them in context.

Smart Collections Set up Smart Collections to organize clips in a variety of ways without moving or copying files.

Check Apple’s web site for a complete list of Final Cut Pro X features and the Apple Final Cut Pro FAQ for more info about the update. The update to Final Cut Pro X is expected within the next few weeks.


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