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The James Bond Yard Sale

“Back-to-School” sales aren’t just where you find good deals – if you’re looking for something to impress your fellow student-body members, look no further than the British Ministry of Defence. In addition to liquidating military equipment, the Ministry is also parting with some of the expensive, luxury gear used by the British Secret Service — that’s right, the real James Bond guys.

Show up in style in a replica of a Harrier Jump Jet. (Umbrella sold separately.)

“Dr. No, We Won’t be Undersold”
A new school year brings with it a fresh chance to establish a cooler identity. And nothing will impress your friends in homeroom as much as when you arrive at school in your new Harrier Jump Jet replica — that’s right, the kind that lifts off like a helicopter before screaming away as a super-jet.

But maybe you’d like to make a more subtle entrance each morning. If so, the Ministry has you covered there, too, with a variety of slightly used helicopters in today’s hottest styles and colors.

Fashion yourself as more of a secret agent type? James Bond has always found himself at home behind the wheel of any number of powerful road machines, and the Ministry’s sale includes a car he might just drive, a black, armor-covered Jaguar XJ6. Or, if four-wheeling is more your speed, the Ministry can set you up with a wide selection of Range Rovers. Motorcycles? The Ministry has ‘em. Need to “announce your presence with authority”? Well, nothing says, “I have arrived” like a Saxon armored personnel carrier. It can be yours for a mere 25,000 British pounds (approx. $41,295).

What’s cooler than a black Jaguar XJ6? An armored one. The British Ministry of Defence expects to fetch between 12,000 and 25,000 pounds (approx. $19,821 to $41,295) for one like this.

For Your Wrist Only
Everyone knows that James Bond is, above all, a snappy dresser. It appears that the real Bonds apparently get to wear the same type of ultra-cool gadgets that the fictional Bond does. Take for example a selection of luxury wristwatches that agents have worn while trying to infiltrate the inner circle of wealthy criminals. Better bring your checkbook though, because these dress-to-impress timepieces go for several thousand pounds.

This Raymond Weil Tango Chronograph is being offered by the Ministry of Defence for a fraction of its usual brand-new price (more than 1,000 pounds or approx. $16,518).

For Her Majesty’s Empty Coffers
Why the fire sale? The Ministry is trying to raise money to fund its military; Britain’s military is undergoing the same type of budget headaches like those in Washington. Britain’s military is in the red to the tune of 36 billion pounds (approx. $59 billion) and needs to bank some cash.

Bond prepares for lift-off in Thunderball. No word yet on whether the Ministry has any jet packs to sell.

These days you can get some great deals on used computer and video equipment. But we still have to wonder what happened to the rest of Bond’s gear.  After all, we’re interested in making a bid on the jet pack from Thunderball. And maybe that knife-shooting briefcase Bond used in From Russia with Love. Who doesn’t need one of those?


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