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Facebook Privacy Setting: Updated Features

As several analysts predicted, Facebook is starting to look a little more like Google+. Today Facebook announced it would release easier privacy controls for its users. The changes will begin happening this Thursday when Facebook starts to give users more control over how they share their content.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

The changes, which Facebook has apparently been working on since the launch of Google+, were announced today by Facebook’s Chris Cox. The update will contain several new privacy options, including many that Facebook users have been clamoring about for some time. The update will also help reduce clutter on Facebook pages, and will give users a better handle on how photos and posts get added to their Facebook pages and more control over who sees them.

New Privacy Settings
- Facebook users are now able to adjust and change your privacy settings each time you post and share. Facebook is adding a drop-down menu at the bottom of the entry field where users enter a status update, or other post. Post/privacy options include “Friends,” “Public” and “Custom.” This is a lot like Google+’s “Circles” feature, and like Google+, Facebook will also include an option for users to change the privacy setting of an update after it’s been posted.

- Privacy settings are now easier to access. Now there’s a drop-down menu next to the profile you want to change. Before, Facebook privacy settings were buried in a settings page.

Tag, You’re It…And Out
- Tags can now be pre-approved by the tagged user. Tags link a person’s profile to a photo or other post. Facebook now provides an option for users to approve any tag in a photo or post before the content is actually linked to their profile. Users also have the ability to approve any tags added to their photos and posts by others.

- Facebook Places is being phased out. Now you can tag your Facebook friends, and tag any posted content, with a location.

The Face of Social Media Continues to Change
Facebook also announced in an interview that it’s looking to acquire about 20 more companies this year. Facebook bought 13 companies in 2011. Google+ has definitely caused Facebook to sit up and take notice, in many ways forcing the company to update its network when before, even Facebook’s own users couldn’t force such changes. Now, more and more, Internet development is at the forefront of technology and Facebook and Google+ lead the social space.


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