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Digital Filmmaking with Sony’s NX5U HD-Review

It’s time to put to rest a media production dinosaur – videotape. Filmmakers have long held onto the dying format; in fact, a good percentage of current generation filmmakers and tech educators come from a tape and film background. Many, however, have made the switch to digital. Interested in digital HD production? A camera like the Sony NX5U can help get you there. The NX5U can integrate tapeless workflow into your studio or even a classroom.

Using Sony’s amazing NX5U HD tapeless video camera.

Tech educators and filmmakers know how to use Final Cut Pro X and other production tools to cover a lot of material. Film production areas (like digital media classes), are fast-paced environments. From a production standpoint, technical or support issues with non-linear editing systems can seriously impact your work. Sony’s NX5U is easy to work with and can help improve your production in several ways:

Saves Time
Processing video captured on mini dv tape has always been time-consuming; with digital media, the transcoding process is much faster than real time. Adding a tool like Final Cut Pro X can save even more time in logging and transfering video.

No Dropped Frames, No Buying Tape
One of the great features of the high-end NX5U is that the camera happily accepts SDHC cards. The SDHC format is one of the cheapest types of memory on the market and it works flawlessly. No dropped frames while shooting 1080p. The NX5U was also more stable than tape-based formats. Plus, we didn’t have to worry about dirty tape heads or buying more tape stock – money saved by not having to buy tape adds up over time. A tapeless, digital workflow even resulted in improved picture quality.

See the results for yourself in this wonderful short film called La Blanc, created by students in Digital Media Academy’s Teen Filmmaking summer camp.

Easy To Use – Even In The Field
To avoid breaks in time code with tape-based systems, it’s usually discouraged to review footage in the field. With a digital system, it was invaluable to be able to quickly scroll through the index and watch anything shot from the day. This also proved to offer much better results in the videography. For example, if someone is acting in a film and directing as well, this allows them to quickly review the shot. And, if it isn’t up to standards, they can quickly re-shoot it.

By going digital you create a more efficient workflow every step of the way – from initial setup, right through to final post-production. Of course we couldn’t have done it without the camera, which made the whole process smoother and faster, even for first-timers. The camera even sports GPS and loads of other features. Sony NX5U is quicker and more efficient and – dare we say it, could make you a better filmmaker.

It’s a short film about a boy, a girl and bench.

On Location
The camera was used in Digital Media Academy’s summer filmmaking camps and digital studios. DMA is selling gently used  Sony NX5U‘s for a great price. Want a prosumer level HD camera? Then check out DMA’s great deals on used NX5U & Sony video cameras.


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