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What is Rasterbating?

Pixel art is incredibly popular; another art trend that’s been taking over high schools and college campuses for some time is rasterbating. What is rasterbating? Rasterbating takes its name from a program (the Rasterbator) that lets you take a single image and then enlarge it, turning a small photo or piece of art into a huge rasterized image. And you don’t need a large-format printer at a sign shop or any artistic background to do it.

A rasterbated image of the moon landing covers the wall of a college dorm.

You’ve seen rasterbated images before. Remember sporting events where the fans in the bleachers each hold up a piece of paper that contains one piece of a much larger image? The art may look abstract on its own, but when produced using tiled printing, the image can become truly breathtaking.

Art on a Large Scale
So you want to wallpaper your dorm, or maybe even the side of a building? No problem; download the Rasterbator. After you’ve uploaded an image and the program processes the image, you can then print the resulting multi-page PDF file and assemble the printed pages into a massive poster.

It took 28 sheets of paper to produce this image, but the final result is truly striking.

The program is very easy to use. You’ll need a printer, of course (and extra ink if you’re making a super large and color image), and Adobe Reader (or some other program to read the PDF). Select your image and then set the size you want to enlarge it to. The Rasterbator will take it from there. After processing and cutting up the image into tiled sections, it outputs a PDF file, which you print and piece together.

Rasterbation offers artists and designers several options to produce their images in a large format. If you use the Rasterbator utility online to help you, it can produce images up to 65 feet across. On the other hand, if you download the utility, there are no size restrictions on composite images. Either way, rasterbation is printing without boundaries, and as long as you’ve got plenty of paper and ink, you’re in business.

What is rasterbating? It’s a great tool for digital artists and designers to take their creations to the next level. And there’s no end to what you can create. An enormous lunar landscape? Sure. A wall-sized composite portrait of yourself? Go for it. With rasterbation, all images are possible.

This composite portrait of movie star and Saturday Night Live host Christopher (“More cowbell!”) Walken takes on an added dimension in large format thanks to the Rasterbator. 


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