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Learn with the Apple iPad

Heading back to school is easy and more enjoyable when you have the right tools for the job. Gone are the days when we shopped for a Trapper Keeper at the K-Mart…but we’re still taking notebooks and tablets to school!

Today we’re learning with the Apple iPad, thanks to app development for iDevices. Apps that teach astronomy, biology, science and math are great for students. Why? Many of these apps feature interactive, animated 3D graphics – making learning even more entertaining and fun.

On an Evening in Roma
Take, for example, the Rome Virtual History app. Students can take a fantastic voyage to ancient Rome and tour the Colosseum and other famous landmarks in Italy – all without leaving a classroom. Or, if you do decide to take a field trip to Roma, the app also provides a virtual guide. The app is highly recommended by educators.

The Colosseum was originally built on marshy ground. Explore it, Circus Maximus and other famous locations in ROMA, Virtual History

A Star is Born
Want to explore the deep reaches of space? Check out Solar Walk ($9.99 Apple App Store), the first app in the AppStore with real 3D TV support. Solar Walk, like it’s cousin, Star Walk ($4.99, Apple App Store) – the interactive astrology guide – was the winner of the Apple Design Award 2010! And it’s been featured by Apple as a “Best App ” in 2009 and 2010 and even appears in the iPad TV commercials.

A view of Earth, the third rock from the Sun, from outer space. 

Take A Note
If you need to take notes in class, you can use Penultimate (.99 cents, Apple App Store). You can quickly take and manage separate notes and notebooks (as many as you can create), all with infinite pages. View your list by scrolling through your notebooks in grid view. Browse your pages, plus insert, delete, duplicate, and reorder pages however you want. Check out Apple’s best apps for learning.

We tested Penultimate using a Wacom stylus with  - both the app and accessory worked great for note taking! 

If you prefer a more traditional (i.e., old school) method of taking and keeping notes, try the Trapper Keeper…

What is a Trapper Keeper?
Before notebook computers, believe it or not, people actually used notebooks. I know paper may be a foreign concept to younger readers, but before iPads, packs of three-ring binder paper were what you stuffed into your book bag. The Trapper Keeper is a loose-leaf notebook binder system made by Mead, and it became famous for its various storage pockets (hence the title). It was popular with students during the mid-1970s and well into the 1990s. In fact, the Trapper Keeper is still selling. And there’s a whole store-load of accessories for it, too.

For today’s educators and students, tablet computers offer an amazing platform for delivering education and content. On a classroom desk or in a lecture hall, devices like the iPad are compact and easy to use. Videos and other visual media work better than traditional textbooks because they can demonstrate firsthand an experience or even an experiment.


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