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5 Must Have iPad Accessories

The iPad ranks at the top of almost everyone’s holiday shopping list as the must-have gadget of the season. The iPad is not only great for Mom & Dad, but for the whole family. And new accessories for the iPad make the device even more family friendly.

All kids want for Christmas are Apples – Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

iWant – The Must Have Holiday Gift
According to a recent survey by Nielsen Research, the iPad and iPhone are the most sought after gadgets among kids. Nielsen surveyed 6 – 12 year olds, 44% of them want an iPad, 30% of them want an iPod touch and 27% want an iPhone. Parents can speak first hand to the demand, especially since kids (of all age) at some point eventually highjack mom or dad’s iPad.

And kids start playing with tech gadgets early – according to Common Sense Media, today 40% of 2 – 4 year olds have used a smartphone, tablet or portable multimedia device. The percentage raises considerable for 5 – 8 year olds, more than 50% of those kids have used those devices. More surprising? 10% of infants have used one of those devices prior to their first birthday.

Must Have Kids Accessories
It’s a do everything device with a big cool factor, so no wonder kids want to get their hands on it. Learning to build apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod is a Christmas gift that will keep giving for a long time, until then you can certainly get by on these great accessories that make the iPad even cooler:

ion’s iCade turns your iPad into a retro arcade game machine.

iCade $99.99
Slip the iPad into the iCade and you’ve got a tabletop retro arcade. The joystick and buttons are quick and responsive and it’s solidly built. There’s another Atari-licensed arcade accessory but it isn’t built like the iCade, which features a hardwood cabinet like the old-school standup coin-op machines. There’s even a faux coin slot for collecting quarters. For fans of old school arcade machines (who don’t want to hunt down or pay for an antique machine), this is the perfect gift.

Disney Spotlight Microphone $99.99
Do you have a closet Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus at home? Make them a star with Disney’s Spotlight Microphone – the wireless mic turns the iPad into a karaoke machine. Record your own music video while performing, plus the Karaoke app allows you to polish your performance with reverb, echo and provides vocal warm-ups too.

Keep the kids entertained while on the go with the Crayola iMarker. 

Crayola iMarker – ColorStudioHD $29.99
Turn your iPad into a coloring book – but without marking up your iPad’s screen with crayons. Using the iMarker stylus (which looks like an oversized crayon), kids can freely doodle or color pre-drawn pages using the ColorStudioHD app which is available free with the iMarker. Drawings come to life with animations and based on initial testing it looks like every color in the Crayola box has been included too!

Cars 2 Appmates $12.99 – $14.99
Disney teamed up Spin Master toys for Appmates, a toy that interacts with the iPad, with the first set of Appmates toys based on the Cars 2 movie. All parents have to do is download the free app and buy the car packs, kids then can “drive” on different courses using the Appmates car. The Cars license, fun mini-games and Disney quality animations set the Appmates apart from accessories pack.

Griffin’s HELO Touch lets you control a helicopter using your iPad or iPhone. 

HELO TC (Touch-Controller) RC Helicopter  $49.99
For older kids, Griffin’s remote-controlled toy helicopter is just the ticket. The app is free and turns your iPad touchscreen into a helicopter controller. The helicopter fits in the palm of your hand and can do the same tricks as models costing three times more. RC helicopters like this eventually crash, but thankfully for parents Griffin offers replacement parts like propellor blades and more at their website, so you can keep your copter flying without buying another one.

Apps (and Apples) for the Holidays 
Apple’s iPad and iPhones are more popular than ever, so it’s no surprise they’ve found their way into the $22 billion toy market. According to Gartner Research, Apple expects to double the number of iPhones sold this year, bringing the total to 90.6 million worldwide – the number of iPads is expected to triple, topping 46.7 million. What do those numbers mean? Most likely you’ll be filling a stocking or placing an Apple product on your gift giving list this holiday season too.


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