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Must Have iPad Accessories for Your Camera, Making Music & Watching HD Video

Do you have or are you getting an iPad? Then you’ll want to have these essential iPad accessories we tested. All these accessories are Apple manufactured so they have the same quality as your Apple devices – even better, they work perfectly with your iPad.

Apple TV

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies using Apple TV.

For $99 you can wirelessly stream movies or TV shows from your iPad 2 to your HDTV with Apple’s AirPlay and Apple TV. TV, movies, games and iMovie’s you make on your iPad, all come alive on your TV. Streaming works almost flawlessly on the Apple iPad with Apple TV.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

Two adapters are included in Apple’s Camera Kit, they plug into the iPad’s 30-pin port. 

Plug either of the match boxed sized adapters (you get the pair for $29.99) into the bottom of your iPad 2 and then insert your camera’s SD card or a USB cable to connect a camera (depending on the adapter you’re using and view photos or video. The iPad supports standard photo formats, like .jpeg’s and RAW, plus MPEG-4 and HD video. It’s quick and easy to use the adapter, and a great way to download photos to your iPad on the go.

Apple AV Adapter

Play apps, games, movies, slideshows, whatever you have playing on your iPad for everyone in the room.

For only $39.99, anything you see on your iPad can be displayed on your HDTV or other HDMI device using Apple’s Digital AV Adapter – apps, games, movies, think of Angry Birds or Garageband on the big screen.  A built-in 30-pin connector allows you to charge the iPad while it’s mirroring and the adapter provides digital audio to screens that support DA. No matter if it’s a movie or walk down memory lane, the .

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Turn your iPad into an amplifier using Apogee’s JAM Guitar.

Apogee – a world-class manufacturer of digital audio recording accessories for musicians, beat producers and engineers has a killer device in the JAM Guitar input ($99). Plug your guitar into your iPad and JAM and with Garageband jam out using the guitar pedals and amps included in GarageBand to modify the guitar sounds. You can record or just rock out using JAM, the sound is great and it’s literally plug and play.

Beat Maker and Media Viewer

You can do practically anything on the iPad, from learning music and beat production to turning your living room into a movie theater – and these accessories can help you do it. What are you doing with your iPad?


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