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What Will the iPhone 5 Look Like?

Apple changed the smartphone business forever on January 9, 2007, when the late Steve Jobs introduced the revolutionary device to the world. The iPhone has since gone on to become one of the world’s most popular cell phones.

The iPhone 5 (far right) side by side with the current version of the phone. Note the iPhone 5′s 4-inch screen…

Since then Apple fans and phone enthusiasts gobble up rumors and news about new versions of the little phone that can. Lately there have been iPhone 5 rumors, like the rumor of a “teardrop-shaped iPhone 5,” which were false. More recently, both analysts and insiders have been dropping more rumors, but these are actually closer to reality, since they are coming from very reputable sources, like Foxcomm employees (the company that makes the iPhone).

Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

New Size: The iPhone 5 will be thinner and longer than the current iPhone 4 and 4S. While the iPhone 5 will be the same width, it will be taller – approximately 125 mm by 58.5 mm by 7.4 mm. That’s a 10-mm increase in height, and a 2-mm reduction in thickness.

New Connections:  A new Dock Connector will also be part of the new iPhone.

The new dock will be smaller to accommodate the thinner size.

The new connector is also rumored to to be used on ALL new upcoming Apple devices, including an iPod touch update expected later this year (which could have the same screen and CPU as the iPhone 5).

New Back: According to sources close to production, the plastic or ceramic back will be replaced with a metal back. Everything from liquid metal to aluminum has been rumored. And the back will be flat, not curved. (Insiders say it’s to resemble the new generation of Macbooks set to release this summer.)

New Glass Front: Apple loves glass. From the Apple Store to the new campus, Apple uses and knows a lot about glass and the mass production of it. Gorilla Glass will be used in the new iPhone. It can be manufactured thinner and can provide the same strength and protection as earlier iPhones. This is especially important for the:

New Display Size: The change in height includes bringing the screen size to 4 inches versus the current 3.5-inch diagonal. This would be the first time Apple has changed the screen size of the iPhone since the launch of the platform. This means app learning iPhone app development will include making the graphics fit a larger screen.

The iPhone: a silicon sandwich of cellular radio transmitters, memory, CPU, sensors, cameras and battery.

Why the changes? LTE radios. They take up more space in a smartphone than 3G radios and use more power. To use LTE in iPhone 5, rumors are that Apple needed to make room. There are also insiders that say for that reason, Apple will stick to a 3.5-inch screen, and skip LTE radios until they get smaller and take less power.

If Apple does make the display larger, the ad campaign could be something like “Making the Best, Better.” A 16:9 video would look amazing. Controls for games could also be placed to the sides of graphics (the current phone makes it hard to play with your thumbs obscuring the screen). Making iPhones games could be more challenging.


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