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Advanced Filmmaking for Teens

The Stanford 2009 Hands-on Digital filmmaking for teens beginning and advanced courses have been a huge success. We have had students make comedy, suspense, horror, extreme sports, and even music videos. Basically, we have covered ever genre you can think of in these classes. The Advanced class gives students with some filmmaking experience to step there skills up a notch. During the camera operation portion of the class we work with Sony HDV cameras and teach advanced techniques to achieve a shallow or deep depth of field and really begin to control the image captured on the camera. We also introduce several techniques for working with a 3point light kit. The editing instruction is done in final cut pro and caters to each student different experience levels. With eight hours of instruction each day we treat this class like a 48-hour film festival. Much like any film festival the exciting part of this class comes during the screening when each student gets the opportunity to show their work on the “big screen”. There is now way to really describe how much fun the DMA filmmaking screenings are, but I have posted a few examples of films created by DMA students so that everyone can see how much the students accomplish in such a short amount of time. Please take the time to watch these videos that I have posted from my students this year.


Travis Schlafmann



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2 Responses to “Advanced Filmmaking for Teens”

  1. justin says:

    i don’t really know whether to take the advanced or beginner class or advanced. i have filmed a camera before, and have used adobe premiere to edit my video. which one should i take?

  2. David says:


    It seems like the beginning class would be a good starting point for you.

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