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You’ll Find the Most Current Software at Digital Media Academy Summer Camps

By Ben Jaffe, Digital Media Academy Instructor

It seems like every year, all the major software companies come out with new versions of their software.  Usually the companies tout the new revolutionary features in the latest version, and though the features seem useful and exciting, it is often tempting to ignore those companies and choose not upgrade.  After all, it means spending money on the upgrade, and devoting your time to learn the new features.  Several non-upgrades later, many people suddenly find themselves way behind the curve.  Their skill set becomes more and more outdated, and the learning curve on the latest and greatest version is steeper than ever before.  This happens all the time to people who have been in their industry for years. 

Although buying every single software upgrade may break the bank, it is definitely important to at least be aware of new features and workflows as they are introduced.  Especially in technological fields, it’s important to remain informed; technological fields are unique in how rapidly they change.   Just as skipping the latest upgrade is tempting for you because of money and time concerns, it is often even more tempting for training centers to skip.  In fact, some training centers still train on Flash and Dreamweaver MX 2004!  Those versions were released when Macromedia still owned Flash, many, many years ago!   Those centers haven’t paid for new software in years, but their training is becoming more outdated and useless to the students with every new version.  Ultimately, if your training center is not up to date, you can’t be either. 

 As an instructor, I have always been impressed by Digital Media Academy’s policy on software.  They definitely understand the importance of developing their courses around the latest versions.  For example, back when Final Cut Studio 2 was announced only two months before Digital Media Academy’s summer camp started, Digital Media Academy coordinated with Apple to get versions of the new software in time for their summer Adult, Teen, and Adventures camps.  Everyone who took DMA’s video courses that summer got trained on software that most video editing houses didn’t even have yet!  With Digital Media Academy, you can be sure you are getting up-to-date training on the latest versions of the software. In fact, having the latest version ensures that the instructors are up-to-date as well. Digital Media Academy only hires proficient instructors with real-world experience for their courses.  This definitely raises the bar above other camps, and keeps the bar raised high from year to year. 

 From an instructors viewpoint, it is impressive and reassuring that Digital Media Academy has such a reliable and responsible outlook on software upgrades.  Even if you don’t personally upgrade to each new version, spending a week or two at Digital Media Academy with the latest versions of the software will certainly keep your brain up-to-date and help you excel.

Heading off to training?  Check out Digital Media Academy’s Training Centers for Adults

Digital Media Academy offers training for adults at Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, University of California San Diego, and Harvard University, as well as the Silicone Valley training location.  Current training opportunities include Final Cut Pro 100, Final Cut Pro 101, Final Cut Pro 300 Advanced Editing, Documentary Filmmaking, Flash 11, Certification Programs, and more.  As a Certified Apple Pro Aps Training Center, Digital Media Academy offers the training you need to suceed. 

What about kids summer camp?  Read more here:  Summer Camps

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