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Flash, taken to the next level

As an educator, I try to enhance my knowledge every year during the summer with workshops. Most of the time I only get a few bits of useful information, literally only a couple of items that I can use in my classroom. I was very fortunate to be able to attend DMA’s workshop on Flash. WOW! I have studied Flash for the last 6 years, but I gathered so much from this one single workshop – more than I have from all the other workshops I’ve attended in the past.

Flash student Caricatures

The instructor was someone who had real experience in both the artistic and programming elements of Flash. I bow down to Michael Clayton! More importantly, he explained very difficult concepts in terms that were easy to digest. Programming is the hardest part for me. He also provided me some tips on how to teach these concepts to my students.

We were a small class of students – from an 8th grade student to the graphics designer for a company. He skillfully assisted each of us where we were at in our Flash knowledge and opened the door to new possibilities.

I am not an artist. Stick people are my forte. Clayton gave us tips on how to take our Flash projects to the next level. Specifically, I had my students create caricatures of themselves (just like the picture above) as we learned to use Flash’s drawing tools. My students had such great success with this project! The Technology Coordinator for my district saw the work and was simply amazed at what they created!

The students were so proud of their work, sending their finished projects to their family members and posting them on their personal pages. We then created our very first podcast, with animated mouths, which I learned from my DMA course. I’m really looking forward to taking the workshop on Photoshop and seeing how I can charge my creative juices!

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