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E3’s Best Video Games & Characters

Every year video game makers gather in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Also known as E3, the video game trade show gives game buyers a chance to take a sneak peek at what’s in development. We visited the show in search of future video game stars for DMAC’s future video game creators.

Ezio & the Brotherhood

In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, the sequel to the amazing and critically acclaimed single-player game Assassin’s Creed, our hero, Ezio, travels to Rome to take down corrupt leaders. This time though, Ezio is supported in his efforts by the Brotherhood, a shady bunch of characters that help him through the single player and new multiplayer mode.

Players will have access to different weapons and attack techniques when the game releases in November 2010, but it’s the shadowy characters of Ezio and the Brotherhood that players are really excited about stepping into the shoes of.

Ezio’s cloaked hood hides his face, adding to the character’s intrigue, likewise for the other characters in Brotherhood, their animations and character designs give each one unique personality and almost overshadow this incredible game.

Epic Mickey

What do you get when you take an 80-year old mouse and give him a facelift by one of the most respected game designers in the video game business? You get Epic Mickey, a new game from Disney Interactive and the brain of Warren Spector, who is known for such games as Wing Commander and Deus Ex.

Click this image for a larger view of Mickey's strange world.

Epic Mickey has its own unique character and style. Epic Mickey takes classic Mickey and turns him upside down in a platform game world oozing with Disney style and character. Not since Square’s line of Kingdom Hearts games have we seen such an untraditional – and cool – way to represent Disney characters. Speaking of character, the game will also be the first video game to ever feature Disney’s long-lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character that came before Mickey and one that Walt Disney sold the rights to earlier in his career.

The People of Rage

Rage is from id Software (of Doom and Quake fame) and uses the company’s unique id Tech 5 technology. This technology allows programmers to “bring a new level of graphic presentation and artistic expression and graphic fidelity.” All we know is that the game and its world pushes the limits of what we’ve seen in video games. Reactions to the demo and trailer was jaw-dropping awe, even to industry veterans.

Rage was the big winner at E3 and the pick of many video game editors as the best of the show.

The post-apocalyptic Mad-Max-inspired world is incredibly detailed, crafted almost, not just designed. The down and dirty environments and characters are so well made they’re almost human. That includes the zombies challenge players to high-octane battles and racing, in the outskirts of the protected city the action is centered around. Oh yeah, it all plays like a top-notch first-person shooter.

Are there any games or characters you heard about from E3 that you’re eager to get your hands on? What video game character are you creating this summer?

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