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How I Learned To Sample Like Kanye West: Using Logic 9

Ian Petrarca sits in a producers chair on the campus of Stanford, a thumping hip hop beat is coming through his headphones. As the music plays he follows along with the audio track on a massive Apple computer screen.

For the past week Ian, who came all the way from New York to pursue his dream of becoming a professional audio producer and composer, has been learning the techniques producers like Pharrell and use to create number one hits for artist like Kanye West.

“I came into this class expecting to learn a lot about the advanced recording techniques and multi-track capabilities of Logic Pro. I definitely did learn all that. But I also got to explore what I was really interested in – I learned how to sample and how to use samples to make a song.”

The Beat Goes On
A music fan since an early age, Ian always wondered how the big music producers did it, so he enrolled in a Digital Audio & Music Production class at Digital Media Academy’s Stanford Campus. “We give students all the skills to make themselves a music or video producer.” Tyler Winick is an instructor for Digital Media Academy, “Ian took these techniques and made an incredibly good song.”

“(DMA) taught me how to properly mix the track down. I’m definitely glad I took the course. Everything I learned I can now take home to work on making more music.” Ian was a quick learner, within the second day of the week long course he was already creating his first sampled beats and well on the way to making a hit song.

Ian clicks the screen and continues work on Get That. Now taking pieces from one of his favorite tracks, The Isley Brothers “Voyage to Atlantis” he creates a backing track. “Tyler suggested I bring up the boom of the kick drum.” Ian says as he continues piecing together the song. He adds an acapella version of Jay-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” for vocals and finally, Ian builds the song’s chorus using “mashup DJ sounds” that he created – and he’s done all of it with Logic 9′s software.


Ian in the studio working on “Get That.”

At the end of the week, Ian’s dream are more in reach than every before. His song debuts to the rest of the class and it’s met with with strong applause, both fellow classmates and his instructor are very impressed. “Get That” is a hit. As the class wraps up for the week, Ian shares his future plans with his instructor, “I plan to become a professional producer and I’ll definitely benefit from what I learned this week.”

Logic 9 is the industry standard in music production. Digital Media Academy’s 2010 summer courses at Stanford run from July 21st to August 6th. Learn more about Digital Media Academy’s music courses and listen to Get That.

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