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An Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation: iNside the iPhone 4

Let’s take a look at the iPhone 4, from the inside. No, really we mean from the inside of the actual iPhone.

iPhone 4 Deconstruction

This stop-motion video was produced (in a dust free room no less) by our friends at TechRestore and it shows the iPhone 4 being disassembled, piece by  piece, screw by microscopic screw. And just because the guys at TechRestore can, they reassemble it back into a perfect working state:

Ok, so while watching that, we realize how cool the iPhone 4 and stop-motion animation are. And while you probably don’t want to take apart your iPhone 4, you might want to shoot your own stop-motion video.

DMA Student Stop Motion Film

Stop-motion is a old school film animation technique that is still as amazing as was years ago. Check out this awesome stop-motion video shot by Annie Lynch at Digital Media Academy summer film camp in Chicago, she made her film by using high quality photos and piecing the .jpgs together in Final Cut Pro:

Ray Harryhausen

Another famous stop-motion filmmaker? Ray Harryhausen. He influenced everyone from George Lucas (“Star Wars”) to Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”). Ray was using stop-motion in movies like “Jason and the Argonauts”to create amazing movie scenes like this skeleton battle in Jason and the Argonauts:

Interested in learning more about stop-motion animation? Check out DMA’s Adventures in Filmmaking.

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