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Apple’s Latest Gadgets & iPhone Updates Finally Revealed

Here at DMAC we love Apple gadgets and can’t wait to get our hands on anything Apple are cooking up. So after living off for months off rumors and speculations fueled by fans and insiders, we were more than ready to hear Apple announce a new line of updated hardware, new services and updated OS’s, and they did just that on Sept. 1.

The event, which Apple held in San Francisco was highly anticipated by Apple followers and techies alike and gave Apple a chance to unveil a new line of iPods and much, much more:

    iPod touch

The updated iPod touch is now thinner and features Facetime, Apple’s video calling service.

The focus is on video for the iPod touch, with an improved display of 960 x 640 resolution and built-in video editing software and HD video recording. Capture video on the go and post it to your YouTube channel when you connect with a wireless network.

The coolest feature about the iPod touch though was something most people won’t even think about or physically see – the processor. Apple announced the new touch would use the Apple A4 – the same chip that powers the iPhone 4 and the iPad.

Why is Apple’s A4’s mobile ARM processor so important to Apple’s touch? Well, Apple sold 275 million iPods to date, while 1.5 billion games and entertainment apps have been downloaded the the iPod touch. This announcement and the Game Center feature show Apple is very committed to mobile entertainment (and the touch being a big part of that). It should make handheld game makers Nintendo and Sony think seriously about Apple’s iPods (if they haven’t already) as an heir to their respective DS and PS handheld thrones.

    iPod nano

iPod nano’s also got a slick new design and touch screen.

The nano was updated along with the shuffle. The new nano 8GB sells for $149 and the 16GB sells for $179. While the nano has always been cool, the new design and touchscreen really make the device shine.

    Apple TV

Use your iPhone as a remote control with Apple TV.

As more consumers move to online or streaming services to get their media, Apple took the chance to revamp their existing Apple TV service. The tiny black box now sells for $99 and supports Netflix streaming. Users can also rent HD movies starting at $3.99 and TV shows form the Apple TV media library for 99 cents. The device also now sports HDMI and optical outputs.


Now you’ll know when Lady GaGa buys that Monkey’s Greatest Hits album.

Apple’s new social music network Ping is integrated into iTunes 10 and it allows you to follow artists and your friends, like Facebook.

    IOS 4.1

Apple also announced it’s releasing the eagerly awaited iOS update 4.1 for the iPhone. The update will fix the bugs many users have been experiencing with the last iPhone software update – proximity sensors, sluggish performance, Bluetooth – but also adds new features for the iPhone as well:

    - HDR Photos - Apple has added an HDR photography feature to the iPhone’s camera in iOS 4.1 which lets you easily create HDR images. High Dynamic Range Photos combine three exposures to create a single image with a greater amount of detail in the highlights and shadows.

    - WiFi HD Video Upload – Now iPhone users can upload HD video from their iPhone without an app using Wi-Fi.

    - TV Show Rentals – TV shows have always been available for purchase in iOS devices, but now you can rent them to save a little money and storage space on your device.

    - Game Center – Like Microsoft’s XBOX Live, Apple’s Game Center (available soon via the App Store) lets you play friends, inviting them to games, or be matched with other players when your friends aren’t available.


Apple is also bringing the iOS 4 features to the iPad in November. That includes features like app folders and multitasking, here’s what iPad users can look forward to:

    - Wireless Printing. A few third party apps offer the feature but Apple is building print functionality into the iOS itself. The Print Center can be accessed from the multitask drawer and will allow users to choose printers and manage printing wirelessly from the iPad.

    - AirPlay. Wireless streaming lets you stream audio, video and photos over a Wi-Fi connection. Along with the new Apple TV you can shift stream between devices, so you could start a movie on you desktop Mac and finish it on your iPad.

And of course all these great devices are compatible with Apple’s current top of the line gear – like iMacs and Macbook Pros. Are you looking for a great deal on Apple hardware? Then check out DMA’s Apple Hardware & Sony Gear Special.


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