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10 Great Homework Helpers

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed back to high school or college, having a helping hand with a homework assignment can mean a world of difference. That’s why we assembled a list of ten of the best homework helpers. Now you don’t have any excuse to turn in that homework – well, unless the dog ate my homework still qualifies as an excuse – and get cracking on those studies.

10. Sheldon’s Shirts

“I am shocked and honored that my cutting-edge fashion sense has made your list.”

Looking cool while studying is pretty high on the list when starting a new year of school. And who looks cooler than geek extraordinaire Sheldon “Bazinga” Cooper from CBS’s hit comedy The Big Bang Theory? OK, Brad Pitt, George Clooney – lots of people. Still Sheldon’s vintage shirts are all the rage with students and anyone who wants geek fashion cred. Thanks to the folks at Sheldon’s Shirts (who watch each TBBT episode and then track down the shirt maker of, you guessed it, Sheldon’s Shirt) you can order and wear the same T you saw in the episode.

9. Open Culture

Open Culture offer a website and iPhone app that give you free access to a massive media library of educational podcasts. Pick a topic or literary classic in the form of an audio book and before you know you’ll be taking in Mark Twain or a university lecture from a Stanford professor. Need to brush up on a foreign language or review a science lesson? They’ve got those too and all without having to brave the cold to get to the campus library or media center.

8. iStudiez Pro

Need help juggling your assignments? Then iStudiez Pro is for you. The app uses a color-coding system that keeps track of assignments in different classes and will remind you when they’re due. One of the most impressive features is a schedule organizer that has a ton of great options. This award winning app does it all.

7. Aviary

This powerful media editing suite is free online!

Need to crop an image? Edit an audio file? Just need some quick inspiration? Then fire up Photoshop or Logic 9 and – no wait, that software is loaded on your laptop, which you left in your room, and you’re studying in the library – DU’OH! Don’t worry, Aviary offers a full suite of robust media editing software. Just visit Aviary to use Phoenix, a powerful Photoshop-like image editor, it’s one of eight tools, including a music creator that are all free and available online.

6. Twitter Shortcuts

Who can blame you – you’ve got a paper due tomorrow and four chapters of Tolstoy to read by next Thursday – who has time to post a comment on Twitter? You do silly! That is if you’re wise to the ways of using Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts to help make it shorter and sweeter.

5. Free Books

The days of lugging around a textbook are over.

While Free Books isn’t free you will definitely get your $1.99 worth. In fact for less than the price of a paperback you can get access to over 23,000 literary classics right at your fingertips. Search for a book by title or browse through the classics by genre or a collection. The app also allows you the ability to e-mail a copy of the book you’re reading to yourself or download it to an e-reader – so you aren’t constantly straining your eyes using the iPhone. Nice!

4. Discogs

Music is just as much a part of a student’s life as Ramen noodles are. Discogs is a website that will help you discover what album the track your roommate just shared with you and you can’t get out of your head. Like Wikipedia, the site offers user generated content from devout music followers set on setting the record straight.

3. Yelp

If you’ve just moved away from home for college finding your way around can be extremely nerve-racking – and that can certainly take your mind off your studies. Fear not freshman! Yelp is your personal concierge and it will help you find the closest (and best reviewed) pizza joint in your new neighborhood. Reviews are written and submitted by users and a social layer adds neat features like check-ins and a leaderboard.

2. BuddySchool

Need a real helping hand with your homework? BuddySchool will put you in touch with a live online tutor – you just pick the teacher and the time, BuddySchool does the rest. There is a fee but isn’t it worth five to ten dollars to get an A in Latin?

1. Goggle Scholar

You’ve used Google to help with your homework, but have you used Google Scholar? What is Google Scholar you ask? Well to quote the worlds biggest know-it-all, Google, “Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly research.” Well, that might be pretty helpful with homework…

Did you find these helpers helpful? What did we miss? Any great apps or websites you’re using to help with your homework? Tell us about them!


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