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The Best Black Friday Tech Deals & 5 Tech Shopping Tips

It’s a time honored tradition. After a day of feasting and family hijinks, we all head out to brave the cold and masses of shoppers, hopefully to find a great deal on Black Friday. This year retailers are pulling out all the stops to get shoppers in stores and pry dollars from your wallet. Because of that, this year will most likely be the biggest Black Friday on record.

Looking for a deal on technology? There are plenty great ones out there, but with so many deals it may be hard to figure where to start. Thankfully, we’re going to focus strictly on technology deals and for some of the better deals, we’re checking out places that you wouldn’t ordinarily think about when shopping for technology. Let’s start with a roundup of all the major retailers Black Friday deals, our friends at Gizmodo have already done that. A quick scan of those flyers and a few great deals already popped up:

Touch Screen Tablet for $139

Tablet computers are fast becoming a must-have for any household and that’s mainly thanks to Apple and its iPad. We found a great deal on a tablet and while it’s not an iPad, this touch screen tablet from Sylvania on sale at Toys R Us for $139 is still a great deal.

The 7″ Sylvania tablet may not be an iPad, but at this price do you care?

The tablet runs the Android operating and has wi-fi. It’s perfect for surfing the internet from the comfort of your couch. There aren’t “thousands of apps” just yet as the Toys ad claims, still there are plenty of apps to keep you busy while the Android app market gets a little healthier.

Wireless Printing for $40 – and Cheaper

Wireless printing is also quickly becoming another household must-have, one of the best and most reliable printers on the market today is Canon’s Pixma printers. If you’re in the market for a printer (and even if you’re not) you might consider upgrading to a wireless printer and you can finally put an end to transferring photos from SD cards of other devices, and the MP560 which usually sells for $149 is on sale for $49 at Best Buy.

The Canon PIXMAMP560. At this price, they’re basically giving the printer away as print cartridges for this model are around $50 – and they are included.

Looking to take your printer on the road or just looking for a compact photo printer you can toss in a backpack or purse? Polaroid has a solution for you in the form of PoGo, their mobile instant printer. The pocket-sized device prints 2×3 color photos via Bluetooth, is great for parties, family gatherings or just having a photo printer handy. It’s on sale for $19 at Best Buy. iPhone users be warned, it’s not compatible with your device – yet.

Games & Computers

If you’re a gamer, Black Friday is one of the best times to grab some great new releases, not only that but if you’ve been waiting a while to pick up a game, there’s a chance that you’ll catch your best deal on over Black Friday weekend and be more likely to find it without much hassle. Best Buy is selling Beatles Rockband and Infamous for $16 and many DS and PS3 titles for as little as $9. Target will also be a great place to check for game deals, be sure to check their site.

Looking for a deal on a computer? How about a 15″ eMachine laptop with 250GB hard drive, wireless and 2.2 GHz Intel Celeron processor, it’s on sale at Wal-Mart for $198. (11/24 UPDATE: Wal-Mart has just announced it will also match other retail competitors Black Friday deals.)

Technology Summer Camps

If you’re stuck in snowy weather, you’re probably thinking ahead to next summer. Digital Media Academy, the leader in technology summer camps for teens and adult certification also has a great Black Friday deal – from November 26 through November 28 the first 25 people to register for a course or camp will get a free Apple gift valued at $150 an $100 off any course or summer camp. Not only do you get an awesome learning experience but you’ll get a cool piece of Apple tech too!

DMA is pulling back the curtain on their Black Friday deal – get $100 of a camp or course AND a free Apple gift valued at $150 – that you get to pick.

5 Tech Shopping Tips

1. Plan ahead. Team up. Black Friday’s dirty little secret? Stores have a very limited amount of inventory in many cases (note the fine print on the sales flyer when you’re looking for deals). If you are looking for a specific bargain, you’ll probably want to focus in one or two locations. Or work together with a partner to cover more store locations and grab more deals.

2. Do your research – even while you’re still in the store. In addition to the online resources you’ll have at your disposal, there are plenty of mobile apps available that will help make comparing prices and finding the best deals a breeze. ShopSavvy and Red Laser scan bar codes and search the best prices at all retailers and snaptell is as simple as taking a photo.

3. Compare features, not just price. You’ll see some great deals, but pay close attention to the fine print. That HD flat panel that normally sells for $495 you think is a great deal at $200, but look closer, it’s only got a resolution of 720, not 1080. Make sure you’re shopping for and comparing the features, not just the price.

4. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday! A lesser known shoppers holiday, Cyber Monday is just like a sounds, it’s a Black Friday event that takes place online. And on the Monday after Black Friday. Your favorite online retailers like Amazon (and particularly those who, like Amazon are only online) will have some even better deals than you may have found on Black Friday, so if you missed an item you wanted or a sale, don’t worry, all hope is not lost.

5. Relax and be kind to others. It’s the holidays, they only come around once a year, so take a second, take a deep breath and take in the sights and sounds – and while you’re at it, try not to trample that sweet little old lady who is also looking for a wireless printer.

Have a great Thanksgiving! What Black Friday deals are you looking to grab? Let us know and be sure to share any deals we missed!


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