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The Future of Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Apple continues to drive toward its app-based business model with the release of Final Cut Pro X – a product that delivers not only features video editors wanted, but features video editors didn’t even know could exist.

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s popular professional non-linear editing application and is used by video editors all over the globe, for everything from documentaries to feature films such as True Grit.”

FCP hasn’t seen an upgrade in a few years, so FCPX is really exciting considering this isn’t just an update to FCP – it’s a complete rebuild of the already powerful application, with a host of jaw-dropping new features. FCPX uses the OS Xs’ Cocoa, Core Animation, Open CL, Grand Central Dispatch and includes 64-bit support.

Apple’s Randy Ubillos demonstrates Final Cut Pro X and its features at NAB in Las Vegas.

Apple’s chief architect of video applications, Randy Ubillos, demonstrated the new app before an eager crowd at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas. There was a list of new features centered around the User Interface overhaul, but the main three points Apple focused on when developing Final Cut Pro X were Image Quality, Organization and Editing. Let’s take a look at them:

Better Image Quality

With 64-bit support, editors can finally make use of more than 4GB of RAM. By utilizing Grand Central Dispatch, editors can now handle 4KB clips on 8-Core editing rigs. Final Cut Pro X also provides a newly designed floating-point linear color system.

Improved Organization

Organize your clips using “Smart Collections” and never misplace a piece of video again.

Simple iMovie-style functionality has been incorporated into FCPX, along with some new features of its own. “Smart Collections” for organizing clips is now available, based upon custom keywords and/or people. Also now featured are automatic face detection for a single person or group of people, and auto image stabilization upon import along with shot identification (e.g., medium, wide, close-up).

Faster Editing

Background rendering, much like that seen in iMovie, now allows you to get into your editing faster than ever before. A “magnetic” timeline means your audio and video will never fall out of sync again. Non-destructive color balancing allows you to experiment and create on-the-fly, without fear. Other new features – such as automatic audio clean-up and compound clips for easy video nesting – were also demoed.

When? How Much?
Apple hasn’t released an official press release in regard to Final Cut Pro X, nor has it officially recognized any of the rampant rumors about FCPX coming to the iPad 2. But Apple has said that Final Cut Pro X will be available to download from the App Store this June at $299.

Learn Final Cut Pro X
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