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Cool New App “Leaves” All Other Apps Behind

Apple’s list of apps keeps growing – and now there’s a free app for the iPhone that lets you identify trees by analyzing their leaves. The app is so downright cool, it might turn you into a nature lover without you even knowing it – even if the closest you usually get to greenery is the lettuce in your taco.

ID that tree…with LeafSnap!

Called LeafSnap, the app puts an entire botanical library on your iPhone. Here’s how it works: Imagine you’re out for a walk and you spot a tree. Is it a maple? An oak? Perhaps a Himalayan birch? You can find out, simply by snagging a leaf off the tree. Place that leaf against a white piece of paper and snap a photo of it with your iPhone camera. LeafSnap analyzes the shape and texture of the leaf by comparing it to a database of leaf images supplied by the Smithsonian Institution and Finding Species, a natural photography group.

The app also guides you through follow-up search efforts that may be necessary until you can figure out exactly what tree produced your leaf. After you’ve identified what you’ve found, you can even choose to add your discovery to the growing database of leaf data, just like a genuine botanist.

LeafSnap was developed by scientists at Columbia University and the University of Maryland and uses facial recognition technology to identify leaves. So far, only the trees of the New York City and Washington, D.C. areas have been covered in the database, but the app will eventually cover species of trees native to all of the U.S.

LeafSnap also keeps a map of your collection, so you can find that special maple tree you love napping under.

LeafSnap is free and available for download through Apple’s App Store. It’s also coming soon to the Google Android.

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