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Unity Comes to Android

If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely experienced the Unity Game Development Engine.

Unity supplies the tools that video game developers use to make hit games. Already a proven success on the console and iPhone platforms, the Unity Game Development Engine is now coming to Android. Unity 3.3 (a.k.a. “Unity Android”) was released for preview in Summer 2010. Since then, more than 50 games (including “Zombie Room AR” and “Samurai II: Vengeance”) have been created for Android using Unity.

Unity…now available for the Android platform.

Unity has already made a mark by providing the game engine on which a slew of successful games have been built. The list is long and contains hits developed for the iPhone. There have also been a host of  franchise titles developed for the web — like “Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2” (Three Melons) — and games that started out on PC but are now available as iPhone apps, such as RedLynx’s “Monster Trucks Nitro.”

Game developers love Unity, so they should be especially pleased with the new features in Unity Android. For starters, by using the Android Remote, developers can test their games on their very own phone, so they’ll know exactly what gamers are going to encounter when they actually play the final game. This makes the testing process faster and means your game gets to market quicker. Unity Android will also deliver the same mind-bending graphics that gamers have come to expect, and Unity has been working with hardware manufacturers (e.g. Nvidia, Qualcomm) to make sure that the graphics are highly optimized for this mobile platform too. In addition, Unity has made improvements to the engine’s audio performance.

This Sunday! Play “Monster Trucks Nitro”!

Digital Media Academy has partnered with Unity to put their video-game development tools in the hands of aspiring game developers. This summer, DMA courses and summer camps for game development on mobile devices will feature the Unity mobile platform. And whether students take DMA’s 3D Game Development for Google Android Devices or 3D Game Development for the iPhone, they’re going to receive hands-on training in making video games using the hottest game development engine out there. DMA’s programs are taught by industry professionals who use Unity everyday.

“Samurai II: Vengeance”

There are an estimated 30 million+ Android devices currently in use, and with the arrival of more and more game apps created with Unity Android, we’re sure to see those numbers grow even more. Great games begin with creative imaginations and expert training, but require the foundation of a powerful development tool — like Unity. Start making your video-game creation dreams come true this summer with Unity at DMA.


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