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Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies. The very thought of being chased relentlessly by the undead tends to unsettle people. Ever since the George A. Romero classic “Dawn of the Dead” first terrified moviegoers in 1968, zombies have been a staple of pop culture. And they’ve never been more popular.

This book sat atop the New York Times Bestseller List for months…

One of the hottest shows on televison, AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” tracks a band of survivors trying to stay a step ahead of the hungry undead. And a recent re-telling of a classic, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” became a New York Times bestseller. Zombies are popping up everywhere – giving you the creepy feeling that a “zombie apocalypse” might be imminent.

Preparing for Hordes
Benjamin Hermes has thought a lot about zombies. More specifically, how to take them out. And at the recent Maker Faire in San Jose, California, aspiring maker Ben set out to show the ways he’d developed to “incapacitate a zombie.” True to their name, “Zombie Bats” are baseball bats equipped with lots of extras – like an axe and a stun gun attached at the end of the bat, capable of delivering a 90,000-volt charge.

Another model of “Zombie Bat” trades out the axe for a samurai sword. And while the stun gun may seem like “overkill” to the uninitiated, Ben explains why it’s necessary. “The central nervous system of your average zombie is, because of the reanimation process, extra susceptible to electronic weapons.”

Batter up! Benjamin Hermes’ turnkey solution for eliminating the undead, on display at the 2011 Maker Faire in San Jose.

Zombies have been experiencing a real surge in popularity lately, and not just at events like Maker Faire. Recently even the Centers for Disease Control issued a guide on how to prepare yourself for the fictional zombie apocalypse. Or is it fictional? After all, why would the CDC – a noted government agency – issue a statement on how to protect yourself from zombies…unless there was a real reason for doing so?

A CDC ad promoting zombie preparedness.

DMA Studios Making a Zombie Movie
Maybe there’s more to this whole zombie thing than meets the eye. Digital Media Academy thinks so, too, and this summer, DMA Studios will make a short film featurette about – you guessed it – zombies! DMA Studios is a premier summer camp experience that puts you in the middle of a real studio production environment. Students in the two-week program come together as a working film production team to write, produce, shoot and edit the movie.

Director and instructor Seamus Harte explains, “We’re looking for experienced filmmakers who want to join our studio production team. Ideally, you’ve had some previous experience using Final Cut Studio or maybe have taken a DMA Film or Production course. The entire two weeks will be just like working on a real film production for a Hollywood studio: pre-production meetings, location scouting, casting, multiple shooting units, special effects teams…the whole nine yards.” This program is only offered at DMA’s Stanford University location and because of the structure of the program is limited to only 20 filmmakers. Register now for this exciting sci-fi moviemaking experience.

Who will live…and who will wind up at the bottom of the zombie food chain? Only DMA students will find out, when they spend summer making a zombie movie.


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