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The Best Family Friendly Easter Films

“Hop” has just bunny-hopped into theaters. Universal’s film blends live action with computer-animated characters and features the voices of Russell Brand (Brand plays E.B., a bunny with an attitude, who’s also the Easter Bunny’s son) and James Marsden as comical rabbits. David Hasselhoff also stars, as himself. The movie follows E.B. as he searches for stardom on the streets of Hollywood.

Don’t confuse this bunny with the regular chocolate variety. This guy has dreams of stardom!

“Hop” comes from the same creative team that brought us “Despicable Me,” and like that critically acclaimed animated feature, the computer-generated characters in “Hop” really pop off the screen. The characters are beautifully animated and reasonably believable, as talking rabbits go.

Of course, you could avoid holiday crowds at the Cineplex by staying home to celebrate Easter this year. Why not break out the family size Orville Redenbacher and curl up on the couch with family and friends to enjoy a classic Easter movie? Here are three great films that span the spectrum of wholesome Easter entertainment:

Easter Parade (1948)

Entertainment legend Gene Kelly (“Singin’ in the Rain”) was originally set to star in this 1948 classic, but after breaking his ankle, Kelly suggested a replacement: Fred Astaire. The rest is musical history. In “Easter Parade,” Astaire is down on his luck when dance partner and love interest Ann Miller decides to split from their toe-tapping duo for a solo shot. Plucky chorus girl Judy Garland helps put pep back in Fred’s step and together they attempt to dance their way to stardom before the next Easter Parade. If you’re a fan of “Glee” or “High School Musical,” you’ll more than enjoy this one. Fred Astaire is still generally considered the greatest dancer in the entire history of film. “Easter Parade” shows why.

King of Kings (1961)

Hollywood’s last two major films about Jesus Christ (“The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Passion of the Christ”) were both controversial and contained elements not particularly suited to family viewing. For something the entire family can enjoy together, Jeffrey Hunter stars in the lead role of “King of Kings,” a 1961 biography that sticks pretty close to its New Testament script. You’ll see a moving Sermon on the Mount, a sleek Salome dance for King Herod, and a gripping account of the crucifixion. Photographed magnificently in 70mm Super Technirama, this movie should look great on your flat screen.

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)

Follow the ever-lovable “Peanuts” gang as they prepare for Easter. Watch Sally go shoe shopping for her Sunday finest while Peppermint Patty gets crafty with colored eggs. Then tag along as Snoopy and the rest of the gang goes on a hunt for eggs and a search for the Easter Bunny. Let’s be honest: Holidays are like baseball games; they’re just not the same without Peanuts.

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