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When do the Lego Minecraft Sets Come Out?

It seemed like a match made in heaven – a blocky video game that geeks everywhere have gone crazy for, and LEGO building blocks that geeks everywhere have been crazy about for a long time.

It’s official: LEGO will release a Minecraft themed set this summer.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, let us help: it’s a sandbox game that allows you to build anything you can imagine – out of blocks. When playing the game, it feels like you’ve fallen into an an old eight-bit game, ala Mario. So naturally, the game is a perfect fit for LEGO.

One Block at a Time
Minecraft has inspired an entire generation of builders. In the game players can (and have) create anything their hearts desire – there’s the player that made a recreation of World of Warcraft, the guy that made a 16-bit computer and the Minecraft player who created the starship Enterprise from Star Trek. Now players will be able to recreate those same digital landscapes using LEGO’s.

The Minecraft creators playing with the new LEGO sets, picture via Reddit. 

The set got it’s start on Lego’s Cuusoo project, via Mojang, the creator of Minecraft. Lego’s Cuusoo is a Kickstarter-like blog that lets LEGO’ers submit ideas they’d like to see made into new sets. The Minecraft project got over 10,000 votes practically overnight, and is now on the way to becoming a real set.

The first LEGO micro-scale Minecraft set features four different sections that can be arranged like the Minecraft landscape, with water, wood, sand, stone and lava. The set also features Steve the Adventurer and the Creeper. You can preorder the Minecraft set exclusively through J!NX. The set will release this summer, and be eventually be available via LEGO stores.

Let Go My LEGO’s 
LEGO’s just get cooler all the time. LEGO even makes a LEGO robotics kit that lets you build and program your own robot. What are you planning on building with your LEGO Minecraft set?


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LEGO Haunted Houses

Interested in visiting a haunted house this Halloween weekend? Why not build your own? That’s what LEGO-maniac and artist Mike Doyle did. His massive LEGO victorian houses are not only spooky, they’re downright spectacular.

Victorian on a Mud Heap by Artist Mike Doyle. The Victorian mansion was created entirely using LEGOs.

Doyle definitely has an artist’s eye:

The mud travels through the first floor, tears down a front wall and oozes over the porch side, taking with it household contents of convenience. This detail opens the piece up, allowing the eye to travel the surface of the house and then back through the porch, into a room and back out to survey the piles of garbage. The play on depth here is something I enjoy…

If only real home builders were this dedicated. Using 130,000 and more than 600 hours of his time, the New York-based artist assembled what can only be described as the Haunted Mansion of LEGOs. The broken-down Victorian on a Mud Heap stands 5 1/2 feet tall and is made entirely of LEGO bricks.

Home Sweet LEGO
Victorian on Mud Heap is the third in his series of Victorians that Mike designed using only LEGO bricks. That’s right, there’s no glue, paint or other materials used in the creation; everything from the trees to the awnings are good old LEGO plastic bricks.

The artist has created an entire neighborhood of LEGO haunted houses. So if you’re looking for a centerpiece for your dining room table for that Halloween party, why not consider one of Mike Doyle’s LEGO haunted houses?

LEGO bricks are an incredibly creative tool. Not only do they make great haunted houses but they also make great robots. It’s true: LEGO’s Mindstorm Robotics Kits allow people to create robots of all kinds. Alright, Dr. Frankenstein. It’s time to bring your robot to life!


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