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Steve Jobs Action Figure Cancelled

The toy company that announced the Steve Jobs Action Figure has cancelled plans to release the figure. In an announcement posted to their website, inicons explained the genesis of the idea and the action figure.

This announcement greeted visitors to inicons site, and explained the Steve Jobs would not be produced.

inicons announced a Steve Jobs action figure just before the end of 2011 and expected to ship the figure in late February 2012 for $99.00. The figure was a fully detailed 12″ Steve Jobs, right down to his black turtleneck and New Balance sneakers. Other accessories were also included with the figure including, extra hands, a stool (like the one used during the Apple presentations Jobs gave) – and apples.

Apple Approval
The announcement to cancel the figure was not a surprise, as many figured, without the approval of Steve Jobs’ family the figure could not be produced. inicons spoke directly to the copyright issue in a statement they released on their site and defended their position – one that came from a fan perspective.

The incredible detail of the action figure is seen closeup. 

“I created a single figurine of Steve which I placed on my desk next to my Mac,” the toy maker commented. The announcement also explained why there would be no figure:

“Though we still believe that we have not overstepped any legal boundaries, we have decided to completely stop the offer, production and sale of the Steve Jobs figure out of our heartfelt sensitivity to the feeling of the Steve Jobs family. We understand that this decision will cause many of the fans’ disappointment, but please forgive us as there is no other alternative unless to have the blessing from Steve Jobs family…”

The announcement ended with inicons promising refunds to buyers who pre-ordered and thanking all the fans for their support and one last apology.

Apple Toys
The Steve Job action figure would have adorned cubicles and fanboy shelves all over the world. But for now, the only “official” Apple toy fans will be able to get their hands on are apps like Garageband and others created by app development for iPhone and iPad.


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How to Buy a Steve Jobs Action Figure

Steve Jobs is back – with his very own action figure. Believe it or not, the Apple icon is now an action figure – and the reproduction is so incredibly lifelike, it’s downright spooky…

Steve Jobs: inventor, visionary, action figure.

How can you get one of these awesome figures? By ordering it from the toy company in icons. Mr. Jobs will stand tall right alongside your G.I. Joes, but not until the end of February when the toy is expected to ship. Many media analysts doubt that the figure will actually ship though as it’s not authorized by obs family or Apple. The company does promise a full refund however if your figure doesn’t get shipped (i.e. they’re sold out).

Here’s what you get with your 12″ (that’s sixth-scale of the actual Jobs) action figure:

  • One realistic head sculpt & two pairs of glasses
  • One highly articulated body & three pairs of hands
  • One black turtleneck & one pair of blue jeans
  • One black leather belt & one presentation stool (wood + metal)
  • One pair of black socks & sneaker
  • Two apples (one with a bite)
  • One “ONE MORE THING” cardboard backdrop


Clothes make the man, in this case, accessories make the action figure. The accessories, like the figure are amazingly life-like. 

The 12 inch figures sells for $99.99 (shipping inside the U.S. brings the total to $109.99).


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