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Nintendo’s New Game: What’s Cookin’ at Project Cafe? (E3 Preview)

Like some top-secret mission out of a spy movie, it’s so far undercover that it has its own code name. Mysteriously known as “Project Cafe,” Nintendo’s upcoming Wii 2 console may be available at retailers as soon as this October. When delivered to store shelves, the new machine will carry a MSRP between $350 and $400. Both gamers and industry analysts are anxiously awaiting the upcoming E3 2011 conference (June 7-9), when Nintendo will unveil the new game machine to the public.

Wii R the Champions
“Project Cafe” started as an Internet rumor, but a recent announcement from Nintendo (and some convincingly official leaked images) confirmed it. Aside from the fact that this is Nintendo’s very first high-definition, Blu-Ray-disc-enabled game machine, the most striking detail about the Wii 2 (which some speculate could be called “Nintendo Stream”) is its controller. In addition to the usual keypad and operational buttons, the controller also features a high-resolution display that incorporates touch-screen functionality.

Bonus perspective: The new Wii 2 controller will feature a touchscreen display.

That’s right, touch-screen technology, just like the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Although it may be overwhelming the first time you think of the possibilities this controller could provide, the display screen makes perfect sense when you consider the various ways it could be used. (Some reports indicate that the system will enable the streaming of games to each controller.)

Nintendo’s new games machine will support high-definition resolution, a first for the game giant.

Insiders say that the system will be able to deliver more graphics-processing power than the PlayStation 3. In addition, the Wii 2’s computer (a custom-designed triple-core IBM PowerPC) is reported to offer faster processing times than the Xbox 360. Aside from its ability to deliver on these performance claims, the biggest current mystery concerns when the Wii 2 will actually be available at retailers and what the system and the games will cost. Some industry talk holds that Nintendo’s manufacturer will have enough console units ready for an October 2011 roll-out, while other voices suggest that Nintendo will hold to an early 2012 timeline, thereby allowing for one more holiday season to sell the original Wii.

The exact specs of the Wii 2 console will be released at E3. These official-looking devkit specs have been making the rounds on video-game sites and fan forums. Could this be Nintendo’s next machine? We’ll have to find out at E3. (Double-click on the specs to see a higher-resolution image.)

The Game Platform
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Summer Survival Tech Tips: Keeping Your iPad Dry & More

Summer is just around the corner and this means that, in addition to the sunscreen and shark floaties, you’ll no doubt be bringing your technology along with you to the beach or pool. You know, modern must-have accessories like your iPad, your MacBook Pro, your iPhone and iPod. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your electronics while enjoying summer fun:

Stream Your Music & Media Everywhere
You should already be using a free cloud storage service like Amazon or Dropbox offer, and if you’re not, you will be. Doing so offers a pain-free way to secure your computer’s data, while improving CPU performance. Cloud storage services are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons, and you can start using one today – for free!

Stream your music, from the cloud…

But why risk bringing your one and only music player and your entire library of music on vacation when you don’t have to? Amazon offers 5GB of free storage while Dropbox offers 2GB. Buy an album on Amazon and you can get 20GB. Dropbox even has an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to play your music on the run, although it doesn’t offer quite the functionality as something like…

BoxyTunes – Make any iPhone or iPad a Cloud Music Player
Google’s Android platform has multiple options for cloud music players; the iPhone, not so much. But if you have Dropbox, now there’s a solution so you can access your tunes on the go. BoxyTunes cost $2 and allows you to sync up your iPhone or iPad with your Dropbox account.

A new way to think outside the box when it comes to music: BoxyTunes.

The BoxyTunes app plays all the formats iOS supports and even offers such great features as quick rewind, background play and AirPlay support.  It certainly won’t replace your iPod but it does offer a great alternative to playing your music, especially if you’re storing your music on the cloud (or in this case, on Dropbox). Remember though, this app doesn’t stream music; it’s a music player for Dropbox.

Keeping Gadgets Dry & Sand-Free
Nothing could be worse than watching your iPad or Kindle slip from your fingers and take that slow dive to the bottom of the pool. But now you don’t have to worry if your new electronic buddy goes for a swim, thanks to the makers of Dry Case.

Dry Case – protecting your technology while you enjoy it.

The vacuum-sealed plastic pouch is completely waterproof and has earphone and mic jacks that provide an additional layer of protection. Sure, with a few gallon-sized Ziplock bags you can do pretty much the same thing, but at $59.95 it’s a small investment to properly protect your $500+ iPad.

Make Your Own Mobile App – at Summer Camp
What better way to really learn what that amazing mobile device can do than to build an app for it? And where better to do that than on the campus of a prestigious university like HarvardThe University of ChicagoDrexelUCLAUCSD or StanfordDigital Media Academy offers critically acclaimed app development summer camps, where you’ll learn app development skills from leading industry professionals.

Spend an exciting week learning 3D Game Development for the iPhone or App Development for Apple iDevices. Before you know it, you’ ll be on your way to making your dream app a reality.


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