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iPad mini: Price, Release Date, Features and New Apple iMac

Apple introduced the world to its new iPad mini, the miniature-sized version of the best-selling iPad tablet computer. Apple unveiled the 7.9-inch tablet at a San Jose press event, telling the crowd that the new device is featherweight—tipping the scales at only 0.68 pounds.

According to Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, the iPad mini weighs about as much as a pad of paper.

The iPad mini will compete with other small tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Nobles’ Nook and Google’s Nexus 7.

Less is More
The iPad mini’s sleek aluminum-and-glass design (which is 23 percent thinner than the previous iPad) makes it only as thick as a pencil. In addition to being 53 percent lighter than the iPad 3, the iPad mini features 10-hour battery life power.

The iPad mini has an A5 chip “under the hood,” and features a FaceTime HD camera and a 5-MegaPixel iSight camera. Wi-Fi models go on sale on November 2, with the cellular versions appearing two weeks afterward.

iPad mini Pricing
$329 – 16GB wi-fi
$429 – 32GB wi-fi
$529 – 64GB wi-fi
$459 – 16GB wi-fi, cellular
$559 – 32GB wi-fi, cellular
$659 – 64GB wi-fi, cellular

An iPad mini in comparison to the original, larger iPad.

Industry analysts have figured that Apple would try to find a way to court the smaller tablet market, which supports smaller, less functional tablets offered at a lower price. Apple already securely owns the larger tablet marketplace, with its powerhouse iPad dominating the niche with sales topping 84 million units.

Those iPad sales have taken place within less than three years, too – the first iPad introduced until April 2010. With the iPad mini’s heritage, it’s extremely well positioned to take on the Kindle’s of the world this holiday shopping season.

More than the Mini
But Apple was only getting warmed up with the iPad mini. The company also announced the rollouts of several other Apple products, including a beautiful new update to the iMac.

Also announced…A new iMac, which is drastically thinner and faster than previous iMac’s.

  • A new 4G iPad that boasts a 9.7-inch Retina™ display, a newly designed A6 chip and a FaceTime HD camera. This iPad will be equipped with iOS 6. On sale Nov. 2, the 4G iPad will also be available in a Wi-Fi and Cellular version. The Wi-Fi version is available in 16 GB ($499), 32 GB ($599) and 64 GB ($699) formats. The Cellular version is available in 16 GB ($629), 32 GB ($729) and 64 GB ($829) formats.
  • A sleek new 13-inch MacBook Pro that’s 20 percent thinner and a full pound lighter than previous MacBook Pros. Tricked out with a 2.5 GHz Intel processor, this new model features a Hi-Res Retina™ display with 4 million pixels. The new 13-inch MacBook starts at $1,700.
  • A new iMac, which will also start shipping in November. The new razor-thin model will start at $1,299.


Online ordering for several of the announced products will begin Friday, October 26th at the Apple Store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced that Apple had recently reached an amazing milestone related to why you should become an app developer, with Apple stating that it had delivered more than 35 billion app downloads.


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iPhone 5: New Features Announced

In what can only be called the biggest electronics industry announcement of 2012, manufacturing giant Apple Computer has shaken the street with news of its forthcoming iPhone 5—easily the most eagerly anticipated electronics product of the year.

Apple’s Phil Schiller showed off the new iPhone at the manufacturer’s press announcement event.

Industry rumors have fueled speculation about this product launch for nearly a year and some of the most obvious predictions have come true as expected. But, as usual, Apple saved a few surprises for the actual announcement at San Francisco’s Yerba Art Center.

Here are some of the revelations about the iPhone 5:

Bigger is Better

With a 4-inch screen, the new iPhone 5 is giving users a bigger picture. 

iPhone rumors indicated Apple was delivering a larger display with the iPhone 5 – that turned out to be true. The familiar 3.5-inch screen that’s graced every previous iPhone is finally being updated, with an enhanced screen that now measures 4 inches diagonally.

To LTE or Not to LTE?
LTE is said to be the next wave, and U.S. phone carriers have almost been demanding that the new iPhone be LTE-enhanced. The iPhone 5 is the first Apple smartphone to feature 4G-LTE network connectivity, which offers a tenfold increase in data speed when compared to the average home broadband connection. The iPhone 5 will work with the LTE networks sponsored by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Getting the Hook Up

This artist’s rendering predicted a new front end and dock connector for the iPhone 5, but the estimated pin count was incorrect.

It’s been nearly ten years since Apple made any substantial changes to the design of the iPhone dock connector. Today’s announcement of a radical improvement in the docking port was an expected and welcome change. The new dock connector is called “lightning” and the Apple connector trades in the existing 30-pin connector for an 8-pin connector. Apple will be selling adapter cables for use with older equipment.

Thinner, Sleeker
New iDevice launches are about unveiling sharp-looking products, and the iPhone 5 does offer some cosmetic changes—like a thinner body design that’s only 0.3 inches thick. The new model also features a metal or partly metallic back.

Coming to Grips with Chips

The iPhone 5 will utilize the new A6 chip in the iPhone 5—and not the A5X chip shown here. 

It was expected that Apple would follow its established release model, meaning the iPhone 5 would contain the same A5X chip featured on the most-recent iPad release, except in a specially optimized version for the iPhone 5. Instead, however, Apple announced that the new iPhone will have ramped-up processing speeds—maybe twice as fast, even—thanks to the use of the new A6 chip.

Special Delivery
Apple has traditionally followed the format of withholding some special product surprises until the actual announcement presentation. Today Apple announced an improvement to the iPhone 5’s camera. The enhanced iSight camera offers increased ability to take pictures in low-light settings, as well as a new mode for capturing panoramic shots. The camera also enables users to snap pix while shooting video.

Apple also introduced an update to iOS 6, the iPhone’s operating system. The updated software will also be available for download by owners of previous models.

Now that Apple has whipped up its iPhone consumer base to a frenzy, all that remains is for consumers to wait for September 21st, which is when the new devices become available. The 16-GB version will start at $199, with 32 GB and 64 GB models costing $299 and $399 respectively. For consumers who just cannot wait to get their hands on the new iPhone, Apple will start taking pre-orders on September 14th.


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jOBS: The Steve Jobs Biopic

It was only a manner of time until the Steve Jobs story made its way to the big screen. In fact, two movies about the tech pioneer are coming to theaters near you.

Two new movies focus on Steve Jobs life and how he went from college dropout to technology entrepreneur.

The Story of Steve
The saga of Steve Jobs – and Apple – is one ripe for digital filmmaking. The founder of Apple started the company in his parents’ Northern California garage with pal Steve Wozniak and grew Apple into a multi-billion-dollar business. The founding of the company and its ups and downs from 1971-2000 were recently documented in the Steve Jobs Biography – which is the basis for one of the films. For the new movie, the cast of characters includes Steve Wozniak, John Scully, Mike Markkula and Daniel Kottke.

Sony Pictures announced that Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin—responsible for scripting the hit films “Moneyball” and “The Social Network”—is already at work adapting Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Jobs for the screen.

On Location
The Los Altos house (or Apple Garage) where Steve Jobs spent part of his life will itself become a movie star, of sorts, when an upcoming 2013 biopic of Steve Jobs—titled “jOBS,” and starring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role—uses the house and Apple’s Cupertino headquarters as backdrops when it begins shooting in June.

Ashton Kutcher of CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” will star as the late Steve Jobs. Here’s Kutcher in character, preparing for the role.

While Apple has said it has no involvement in the film, that hasn’t stopped Ashton Kutcher from getting into character and preparing for the role (he already plays a billionaire entrepreneur named Walden Schmidt in “Two and a Half Men”). Kutcher was recently seen dressed in Jobs’ trademark black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers. The role of Steve Wozniak will be played by Josh Gad.


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Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Steve Jobs, the ever-present visionary who drove Apple to become the most respected company in the world, has died at the age of 56. His death comes just weeks after resigning as the CEO of Apple for health reasons.

Jobs, in this mid-80s photo, brought Apple back from the brink of bankruptcy and turned it into one of the most successful companies on earth. Only Exxon Mobil Corp. is worth more.

Steve Jobs was the Walt Disney of our era and like Disney, he transformed an industry – the technology industry. First with computers, then with music players and cell phones. “He taught all of us how to transform technology into magic,” said John Sculley, Apple’s chief executive in the mid-1980s.

The Genesis of a Genius
Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955, to Syrian immigrant Abdulfattah John Jandali and Joanne Schieble, but he was given up for adoption. As an adopted child he lived a normal childhood, attending high school in Cupertino, California, where Apple is headquartered.

Jobs graduated in 1972. He attended Reed College in Oregon, but dropped out after one semester. He would remain on campus for another year, taking the occasional calligraphy class – this would later inspire his ideas for multiple fonts on the Mac. In 1974, Jobs returned to California and took a job with a videogame company called Atari. At Atari, Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak – the two would go on to invent the first Apple computer. The rest, as they say, is history.

Apple placed the following message on their website to announce the news. Send your memories and condolences to

The End of an Era
The path for Jobs and Apple would prove to be full of obstacles, but Jobs would ultimately triumph. After being booted from the company he founded, he would return to Apple and for the last 20 years, he tirelessly drove the company toward mammoth global success. In the mid 2000s, Steve Jobs was diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer. In 2009, he took a six-month medical leave from Apple, but cancer was still ravaging his body and caused Steve Jobs resignation from Apple. Jobs leaves behind a wife and four children.

Steve Jobs’ life and legacy will live on. He will continue to inspire those who follow him. As he told a group of Stanford graduates in 2005, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”


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