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jOBS: The Steve Jobs Biopic

It was only a manner of time until the Steve Jobs story made its way to the big screen. In fact, two movies about the tech pioneer are coming to theaters near you.

Two new movies focus on Steve Jobs life and how he went from college dropout to technology entrepreneur.

The Story of Steve
The saga of Steve Jobs – and Apple – is one ripe for digital filmmaking. The founder of Apple started the company in his parents’ Northern California garage with pal Steve Wozniak and grew Apple into a multi-billion-dollar business. The founding of the company and its ups and downs from 1971-2000 were recently documented in the Steve Jobs Biography – which is the basis for one of the films. For the new movie, the cast of characters includes Steve Wozniak, John Scully, Mike Markkula and Daniel Kottke.

Sony Pictures announced that Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin—responsible for scripting the hit films “Moneyball” and “The Social Network”—is already at work adapting Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Jobs for the screen.

On Location
The Los Altos house (or Apple Garage) where Steve Jobs spent part of his life will itself become a movie star, of sorts, when an upcoming 2013 biopic of Steve Jobs—titled “jOBS,” and starring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role—uses the house and Apple’s Cupertino headquarters as backdrops when it begins shooting in June.

Ashton Kutcher of CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” will star as the late Steve Jobs. Here’s Kutcher in character, preparing for the role.

While Apple has said it has no involvement in the film, that hasn’t stopped Ashton Kutcher from getting into character and preparing for the role (he already plays a billionaire entrepreneur named Walden Schmidt in “Two and a Half Men”). Kutcher was recently seen dressed in Jobs’ trademark black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers. The role of Steve Wozniak will be played by Josh Gad.


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The Apple Garage

It resembles most homes in suburban Los Altos. But the modest ranch style house at 2066 Crist Drive is a historic place—and hallowed ground for any Apple Computer follower.

Edison had his lab; modern inventors Jobs and Wozniak started Apple in the garage of this Los Altos house.

This was the boyhood home of techno-genius Steve Jobs. It’s also where he and partner Steve Wozniak kick-started the global revolution in personal computing by inventing the first Apple computer in the garage of the California home in 1975.

The Home Business
The “Apple Garage,” as it’s commonly known, was actually the second place where the start-up made computers. The first fifty Apple 1 computers were constructed in a spare bedroom at the house (which had an original street address of 1161 Crist Drive, when Los Altos annexed the land from the county during the mid-80s, the address was changed).

Jobs and Wozniak set up shop in the garage after the first batch of Apple computers were purchased by Paul Jay Terrell’s Byte Shop (for $500 apiece). And just as the Apple Computer company was much simpler during those start-up days, so was the product Jobs and “Woz” were creating; the first Apple 1 was just a circuit board.

The computer had no case, no keyboard and no monitor—which were purchased separately. These were the days when people were just learning computer programming and what computers could do.

Jobs and Wozniak in the early days of Apple. Back then there were only three employees in the struggling company.

The original Apple company was not strictly a two-man enterprise. Both Jobs and Wozniak were working day jobs at the time—Wozniak at Hewlett-Packard and Jobs at Atari. Another Atari engineer, Ron Wayne, was the third employee.

Because Apple’s early days were rocky and required multiple loans to keep the struggling company afloat, Wayne eventually doubted the venture and resigned his 10% share for $800. (Had he kept his stock, it would have been worth over 36 billion dollars today.) Wayne told interviewers, “I have never had the slightest pangs of regret, because I made the best decision with the information available to me at the time.”

The rest of the story has become modern folklore, Apple moved to bigger quarters and started to build on it’s success in the 1980′s. Eventually Steve Jobs was driven out of the company he and Wozniak had created in 1985. Jobs eventually returned to Apple and lead it to its current glory as the most-admired manufacturing company in the world.

The first Apple 1 prototype, complete with homemade cabinet. Built in a humble garage…this unit now resides in the Smithsonian.

But once upon a time, it was only two guys working in a humble garage, trying to build a dream. “It was just the two of us, Woz and me,” Jobs recalled during a mid-90s return visit to 2066 Crist Drive. “We were the manufacturing department, the shipping department…everything.” It’s a story that’s sure to wow film audiences, just as it continues to inspire young peope who want to learn to create iPhone apps – or any technology for that matter.


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