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Video Game Characters Come to Life in New PS3 Commercial

Snake from Metal Gear Solid…Nathan Drake from Uncharted…Kratos from God of War.  It’s a who’s-who of PlayStation gaming. In Sony’s new commercial for the PlayStation 3, an all-star cast of PS3 video-game characters get together in a pub, shoot the breeze and raise a toast “To Michael!” – the gamer that controls each of them and their adventures.

“To Michael!” 
What a bunch of characters: Ghost from Call of Duty, the guy from Infamous, Joe Mauer, Solid Snake, Kratos and Sweettooth all make real “live” appearances in the commercial. And look: Even Sackboy from Little Big Planet is here – and he’s playing chess!

Not a single frame of video play is ever shown, just live actors with spot-on likenesses to the characters they’re portraying. In fact, when watching the commercial and hearing the modern day Indiana Jones, Nathan “Nate” Drake talk about his adventures, we get excited thinking about a possible Uncharted film. And even more so when you consider that we might see Nathan Fillion playing Drake in the Uncharted movie.

Nathan Fillion from Castle has expressed his interest in playing Drake – that is, if the director wants him to.

Building Character(s)
Creating your own video game characters or any type of character, even for film and television, is no easy task. In the end, characters need to be interesting and intriguing. Sony’s PlayStation video-game console certainly hosts a motley crew of characters. And it’s awesome to finally see these characters that we’ve controlled all these years come to life outside the world of pixels and polygons.


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3D Game Design at a Digital Art & Technology Computer Camp!

What an amazing 3d video game design experience! Digital Media Academy offers creative 3d Video Game Design courses for adult professionals, teens, and kids. All 3d Game Design courses are taught using the latest software, applications and game engines currently being used in the video game industry. Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max are two of the most popular software programs available that allow students to create realistic, 3d character models and animation movies.

In the teen 3d game design course programs, students create a full 3d game level. An entire virtual world is created for their video game. The students then create a fully customizable 3d character model to enter and play with in their 3d world! Many teens who stay for the overnight camp experience get involved in network LAN party to play against all the other students’ 3d characters. This is more than just a summer camp experience. This is the full digital art and technology computer camp experience you can only find at Digital Media Academy. You can see an actual student’s experience in this video. Below is an outline of the 3d Game Design and Video Game Creation courses offered this summer…

3d Game Design Making Video Games at DMA

3d Video Game Courses offered at DMA:     

3d Game Design Courses and Summer Camp Experiences for Teens:

  • 3D Video Game Creation I - Level Design with Maya
  • 3D Video Game Creation II – Character Design with Maya
  • 3D Video Game Creation I - Level Design with 3ds max
  • 3D Video Game Creation II – Character Design with 3ds max
  • Advanced Video Game Creation with 3ds max, Maya and ZBrush

    Professional Level 3d Game Design Computer Training:

  • 3D Game Art and Design with 3ds max
  • Also, check out the Maya Training Courses: Maya I, Maya II, Maya III, Maya IV

    3d Game Design Computer Camps for Kids:

  • Adventures in 2D & 3D Game Creation : Ages 9 – 13
  • Adventures in Advanced Game CreationAges 9 – 13       

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