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Last Minute Tech Gift Ideas

With one more weekend left before the Christmas holiday, retailers and consumers are knuckling down for the final sprint toward the seasonal-shopping finish line. And if you’re like us, you’re more than happy to have an extra shopping weekend (since you’ve still got presents to buy).

Don’t worry, shoppers! We’ve got the gizmos that will keep the technology nerd on your list thinking you spent all year looking for the perfect gift.

Canon PowerShot SX260 Digital Camera
Take travel photography to the next level; use the SX260 HS GPS image tagging to track your journey on Google Maps. 

Retail Price: $199
Who’s It For? The photo blogger who likes to travel
Why Should I Buy It: Exceptional image performance

Canon’s PowerShot SX260 HS offers 12.1 megapixel quality via a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor. It also has a powerful 20x Optical Zoom. Add a 25mm Wide-Angle lens, PhotoStitch (which takes photos and turn them into a panoramic image) and GPS image tracking and you’ve got a powerful compact camera. Canons’ optical image stabilizer helps make every shot a winner.

Kindle Fire HD Tablet
With a 1.5-Ghz processor and Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics chip, the Kindle Fire HD is able to go toe to toe with the iPad. The $499 Kindle also gives you 16 GB more storage than the iPad, at the same price.

Retail Price: $499
Who’s It For? The Amazon Prime member who hates Apple
Why Should I Buy It: As iPad alternatives go, it’s the best of the bunch.

Want to serve up movies and games beautifully and lightning quick? Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD sports a 8.9-inch display and 4G LTE Wireless. In nerd speak, that’s a dual-band, dual Wi-Fi antenna and a screen that boasts a stunning 1920×1200 HD display. For ebook readers, the tablet has a polarizing filter and anti-glare technology. All this plus free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content, and access to the Kindle library—with more than 22 million pieces of content (only Apple has more)—makes the Kindle Fire perfect for anything.

iPhone 5

The fastest iPhone yet…at least until the iPhone 5S. 

Retail Price: $199
Who’s It For? Anyone who still has a iPhone 3
Why Should I Buy It: Aside from a tablet, it’s the most sought-after electronic gadget going this holiday season.

This is the smartphone that changed the game and now steps it up with 4G LTE. The iPhone 5 features a thinner and sleeker design, plus a new 4-inch screen. Returning from the previous version are the Retina display and Siri. But these are just a few of the things that make this iPhone the greatest one yet. It’s backed by the Apple app store, which recently celebrated serving up its 1 millionth app .

Wii U

Nintendo’s latest video-game console combines a variety of technologies into one amazing interactive experience.

Retail Price: $349
Who’s It For? Your kids
Why Should I Buy It: For the under-14 set, it’s the third-hottest tech gift this holiday season.

Wii U takes Nintendo’s Wii to the next level; what the Wii did for motion controllers, this machine does for gaming options. Play with a big-screen TV or game on the Wii U GamePad’s 6.2-inch, 16:9 LCD touchscreen. The Wii U GamePad has motion control, front-facing camera, rumble feature, microphone and stereo speakers! In fact, there are so many bells and whistles on this thing that even Nintendo hasn’t figured out what they’re all for.

Technology Camp
Kids learn how to create the future while using the latest technology. 

Retail Price: $695
Who’s It For? Your 10-year-old Steve Jobs
Why Should I Buy It: To give your kid get a head start on creating the future

This Christmas you can give your child the hottest electronic device and hope that they don’t grow out of it. Or you can really put the technology hook into them with a week or more at a technology camp like Digital Media Academy. Think of it—you’re kids aren’t just playing games, they’re making them, and even getting paid to do it. From learning App Development to Programming and more, a week at tech camp could be a life-enriching experience for your kid. And make you the best Santa ever.


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Canon’s 5D Mark III: Megapixel Marvel & DSLR Video Camera

Now this is a seriously cool camera. Canon has ramped up its breakthrough 5D Mark II DSLR camera so that it’s able to capture more than twice the amount of video footage previously possible. And we’re not talking grainy, sub-par quality video footage here, but full high-def video—so sharp it could be used for broadcast television or even professional film.

A serious DSLR camera that lets you shoot 30 minutes of professional quality video: Canon’s new 5D Mark III.

Canon recently presented the 5D Mark III to an eager photo/video marketplace that’s grown significantly more sophisticated over the last decade. And whereas the 5D Mark II allowed shooters to record up to 12 minutes of video footage, the new model extends that shooting time to a full half hour.

Megapixel Marvel  
The 5D Mark III sports some other major improvements as well. The sensor size has been increased a bit, from 21.1 megapixels to 22.3 megapixels. And where the earlier version had an ISO range between 50 and 25,600, the 5D Mark III boosts that ISO range up to between 50 and 102,400. The autofocus feature has also been enhanced significantly; while the earlier model had nine focus points, the 5D Mark III has more than six times that many focus points (with 61 points). Another increase involves the rear LCD panel, which has been upped from its original 3-inch screen to a 3.2-inch display. (The resolution of the rear LCD has climbed from 920,000 dots to 1.04 million dots.)

The sensor size for the 5D Mark III has been boosted to 22.3 megapixels for amazing resolution.

The new model includes a few altogether new features, too, such as twin memory card slots so shooters can use SD and/or CompactFlash cards for storing their masterpieces. The 5D Mark III’s most-welcome new addition, however, will be its headphone jack, which videographers will find useful as they lay down their footage.

Keep in mind that this is not a “casual” camera; a bare-minimum 5D Mark III (which means it has just the camera body) will set you back $3,499. Meanwhile, if you purchase the camera along with a Canon EF 24-105mm F/4 lens, you should be prepared to spend another $800, for a total of $4,299. Granted, that’s a lot of “couch change,” but photographers and videographers will tell you that for a professional DSLR camera that’s able to take 30 minutes of professional-quality video footage, you should reasonably expect to pay substantially more than the 5D Mark III’s suggested retail price.

The Auto Focus feature for the 5D Mark II utilized 9 focus points. That number has been increased to 61 focus points on the new model.

Canon’s 5D Mark III DSLR camera is arriving in stores now. If you’re looking to learn to make the most of your DSLR camera or learn digital filmmaking with a DSLR, why not take a course this summer and sharpen your skills? Digital Media Academy offers several courses in DSLR photography and filmmaking – after all you’ve spent a lot on a DSLR camera, why not get the most it?

Are you looking forward to using Canon’s 5D Mark III DLSR camera?


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