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How To: Make an Animated Blockbuster

Pixar have been turning out blockbusters for years, but how do they do it? How do they manage to make every film a hit? When the people of Pixar sit down to plan their next film, it’s an incredibly creative process that involves several steps. Not unlike how Digital Media Academy’s students plan a film project, Pixar’s process includes brainstorming, developing a script and then actually shooting the action.

This summer the studio released Toy Story 3. To bring the film to life it took hundreds of creators and even more ideas, in addition to the countless hours of hard work. Recently Wired magazine visited Pixar and provided an incredible look behind the scenes at the magic.

We’re can’t wait for Toy Story 3! How about you? What’s your favorite Disney/Pixar film? What did you think of the Wired magazine article?

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Film Camp. Watch a Stop Motion Movie made at DMA Summer Camp with Skittles!

See what teens made at Digital Media Academy film camp this summer in Chicago!

This video was made by shooting hundreds of individual JPEG photos and piecing/editing them together in Final Cut Pro. This was made during DMA Film Camp in Chicago this past summer in the Teen Film Editing and  Filmmaking Course. Learn how to make a movie like this at a DMA course this summer!


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