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Xbox LIVE Update Makes Kinect “The Future of TV”

Earlier this week Microsoft rolled out an Xbox LIVE update that as Microsoft puts it, will “transform every Xbox 360 into an all-in-one device to enjoy your entertainment.” It’s an amazing step by the Xbox maker to dominate not only the video game space but the future of TV too.

The future is here: Now you can control your television with your voice or a flick of the wrist.

Smart TV
Smart or Interactive TV’s are the future of home entertainment. Retailers already sell televisions that have Netflix, Pandora and other services built right in. Microsoft is taking that concept a step further for Xbox owners. With Xbox LIVE and a Kinect system the new update allows users to find television shows, channels or games simply by asking the Xbox for it. Microsoft uses the Bing search engine to find your content – think of as Siri for your television.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Microsoft is leading the way with Interactive TV, the Xbox was the first video game machine to offer Netflix. Since then Microsoft has added other apps like, Hulu Plus, ESPN and AT&T U-verse.

The Kinect system enables the user interface, and while it was initially introduced as a gaming device – Kinect has proven itself to be much more than a game accessory. How does it work? The Kinect uses a 3D video camera and voice recognition to enable users to play games – and all without a controller. See how it works with the new update in the video below:

Killer Content Provider 
Are you ready to design and build a next-generation game for the Xbox 360 yet? The Xbox platform is where it’s at.¬†What others like Google and Apple aspire to do, Microsoft has already delivered – a single set top box that brings ALL your content together on one device, and allow you to access it naturally, with your voice. As one industry analyst put it, “This is the benchmark against which all other living room initiatives will be compared.”


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