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E3 2012 Announcements & Surprises

This week, the 18th annual E3 is taking place in Los Angeles. Started in 1995 (because video game companies felt lost among the massive Consumer Electronics Show, or CES) E3 has developed into a showcase for gamers and game developers alike.

Video game journalists and fans from across the globe descend on the halls of the LA Convention Center.

This week we’re covering the announcements and surprises that come out of the show – and the games you’ll be playing in the months ahead. Let’s start our coverage with a look at what trends we’re seeing coming out of the show at the end of Day One:

Trend: The Death of the Handheld
Why You Should Care: Gaming on the go will never be the same.

This E3 could be known as the “last roundup” for handheld game devices, although Nintendo will likely remain in the arena it helped build (with its Game Boy). Still, Nintendo hasn’t been able to find much support for its Nintendo DS device, just as Sony has struggled to find an audience for its PS Vita handheld. So what’s responsible for the rapid decline of this game niche? That’s right—the massive success of smartphones and tablet devices, which are now leading mobile gaming.

Trend: Xbox Becomes More Integrated with Your TV
Why You Should Care: Microsoft is light years ahead of Apple and Sony and on a track to be a full-service media provider.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is dominating Day One and Microsoft wants to go a step further – and dominate your living room. To that end, Microsoft is continuing to use the Xbox as a type of “Trojan horse” to gain more access to your living room. This includes new music and video services being served up by – you guessed it – the Xbox.

“Star Wars 1313″ was one of the major titles announced at E3 2012. 

Trend: Reviving and Reconnecting “Star Wars” Fans with “Star Wars 1313”
Why You Should Care: It’s the first serious gamers “Star Wars” game in years.

While fans are still taking in the recent announcement that George Lucas is retiring from filmmaking (at least from big-budget movies), the game company he inspired is gearing up for a comeback. LucasArts hasn’t introduced a new title in almost two years, so expectations are already running high for “Star Wars 1313,” in which a bounty hunter makes his way through “a ruthless criminal underground.” (Think “Mass Effect” meets “L.A. Noire.”) The big difference around this time is the targeted audience; whereas most “Star Wars” games are marketed to younger gamers, “Star Wars 1313” will aim to strike a chord with older players; the game is already touting an “M” rating.

Trend: Blockbuster Sequels/Kinect
Why You Should Care: Motion games and sequels continue to drive the industry — and that’s not necessarily a good thing…

The Kinect system keeps charging ahead, and so do new titles that support it. Games announced at E3 that support Kinect include “Madden NFL 13” and “FIFA 13.”  “Halo,” “Gears of War” and “Forza”—each of which has been a certified Xbox smash—all have sequels announced at this E3. It means more mass-market games and less indie titles, although we must confess, we’re drooling over “Halo 4,” which is slated for a November release.

Trend: Saving Sony
Why You Should Care: Gamers are a passionate bunch who don’t easily forget.

At this year’s event, Sony will be trying to soothe the tempers of gamers still fuming over network hacks and botched system launches…cough, PS Vita. Sure there are some stellar titles on PS3, but gamers haven’t been bowled over by Sony’s corporate missteps and the company needs to work hard to mend relationships with its audience.

Stay Tuned!
As industry events go, E3 has something for everybody, from those who play games to those want to learn how to make video games. Check back in with us this week, as we present special editorial coverage of E3 2012.


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Nintendo Drops the Price of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s latest game machine may be cutting-edge videogame technology, but it hasn’t received the attention that Nintendo had hoped. As a result, Nintendo has announced that it’s dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS.

Starting August 12, Nintendo’s 3D handheld machine will drop by $80…from $249.99 to $169.99.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata shows of the Nintendo 3DS…which now features a lower price.

Nintendo has sold more than 4 million 3DS systems worldwide, but only about 830,000 units in the U.S. since its release. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, considering that previous 3D-less versions of the machine (such as the DS, DS Lite, DS XL and DSi) already saturate the market. Sure, the tech is cool – the 3DS doesn’t require 3D glasses to play games or watch movies in 3D – but the machine has failed to impress gamers and other electronics consumers.

Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassador Program: Free Games for Early Adopters 
If you already bought a 3DS and are a bit upset at news of the price drop – less than a year after its release – you’ll be happy to know Nintendo will be making up for the price drop with a gift.

“Early adopters represent some of Nintendo’s most loyal customers, and Nintendo is rewarding them for getting in on the action early with 20 free downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop,” Nintendo said in a statement. But wait just a second before you go running to download your free games…

Nintendo’s eShop allows gamers to download games on the go. 

To get your free games you have to use a wireless Internet connection to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before 11:59 PM Eastern time on Aug. 11 to get your free games. Gamers who buy the 3DS prior to August 12 will get half of their free games in September and the rest before the end of the year.

More of the Same: In 3D!
Does the Nintendo 3DS have great games? Yes, but the handheld device is also dogged by re-make syndrome. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time have gotten the 3D treatment, but is this really what gamers want? The 3DS uses Sharp’s parallax barrier LCD to display 3D without glasses. But just like the movies, making the next generation of video games will be about the content, and not the gimmick, and that’s what will get consumers motivated to buy your product.

How about you? Are you ready to buy a Nintendo 3DS now?


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