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App of the Month: Draw Something (Review)

Game: Draw Something
Developer: OMGPOP
Rating: 5 out 5 stars
Price: Free, $.99 for the ad-free version

The world’s hottest game lets users express themselves creatively while competing with friends in a Pictionary-like game challenge. Draw Something is a wildly popular app created by OMGPOP. That company, now owned by Zynga, was recently paid a whopping $180 million for the game.

Take a guess what this Draw Something player is sketching. (Don’t worry, we’ve provided an answer below…)

Draw Something’s popularity is still on the rise – it’s already become a top app in the Apple Store – but the app, which began life as a PC game called Draw My Thing, has already hooked millions of would-be artists worldwide.

Artfully Done
Draw Something’s interface is super simple: a sketch area, color palette, pen and eraser are provided for the budding artist. Players then use their finger (or stylus) to draw a picture that represents the word their opponent is trying to guess. (Phrases like “prom,” “slam dunk” and “firewood” aren’t as easy to guess as you might think.) When the player is finished with his drawing, it’s then sent to their opponent. In turn, the opponent attempts to guess what is being drawn using a small selection of letters.

Points are awarded for correct answers, while wrong answers can cost players “turns.” Points translate into credits that can be used to buy “art supplies,” like new brushes or colors. Aside from the game itself, Draw Something fans are also using the program as a means for self expression, unleashing their inner Van Gogh with complex works of user art.

Examples of art created with Draw Something include a high-flying salute to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Players can have multiple games going simultaneously, which comes in handy if you’re waiting for a player to guess one of your drawings. One drawback (pun intended) is that players can also write out words…which comes in handy for players who can’t sketch but who happen to enjoy cheating.

Drawn to Apps?
Some insiders have claimed Draw Something may be the fastest growing original mobile game ever – and point to the fact that an astounding 50 million users have downloaded the app in only 50 days. Not only that, but Draw Something has even dethroned the massively popular Angry Birds game as the most popular download in current circulation.

Cool games like Draw Something all share one characteristic: they each begin with people inspired to create something new and outstanding. Opportunities to gain practical app-development experience, such as the iPhone Game Development summer camp and the App Development for iPhone and iPad summer camp, are a smart way to start learning how to make the next Draw Something.

Answer: Bathtub


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More Cool Things You Can Do With Siri

Her calm and capable voice is everywhere these day – she’s Siri. Apple’s synthetic personal-assistant has risen to global prominence in a relatively short time. And fans of the technology know that it doesn’t take long to fall under Siri’s spell.

Siri is the virtual assistant at the heart of the iPhone 4S. 

Cool New Siri Tricks
With this many users, it only makes sense that Siri has become a celebrity unto herself, there’s practically an industry around exploring the technology and discovering cool new ways to showcase Siri’s many unseen talents. Some of these capabilities offer nifty practical uses while others are just for fun:

  1. Change your iPhone 4S settings using Siri. Not only can you change your brightness using Siri, you can perform special tasks, such as checking your iPhone’s battery level.
  2. Update your Twitter using Siri. You can also perform nine other Siri hacks, ranging from helping improve Siri’s pronunciation of phonetic names to parlor tricks like controlling Siri from across a room.
  3. Looking for laughs? The are plenty of Siri tricks to turn her into a comedian.

Siri for Other Phones
Don’t have Siri on your iPhone? A new app allows you to turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS into a Siri phone - but you will have to jailbreak the phone – which voids the warranty. Google is also developing a Siri-like assistant, although based on insider reports, the technology will not be as smoothly integrated throughout the phone as Siri is in the iPhone 4S.

Developing Future Siri’s
Siri is a great iPhone app. Future apps like Siri will be created by young app developers. Do you want to learn app development? Why not get started this summer at a app development summer camp like Digital Media Academy. DMA offers hands-on training in app development from industry professionals. They’ll start you on a career and give you the skills to create your own Siri.


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