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Rumors Surrounding Apple’s New iPad HD & 3G iPod Touch

Rumors about Apple products come and go, but frequently, the loudest rumors are often based in truth. Two noisy new rumors in circulation involve significant updates to the iPad and iPod Touch.

A data-only smartphone? The 3G iPod Touch could save you money.

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The first rumor involves the possibility of 3G wireless service coming to the iPod Touch. Users of Apple’s iPad will note that two phone companies (AT&T and Verizon) already offer 3G service for that device. But this is the iPod Touch we’re talking about, so this is a revolutionary concept, and one that could lead to the creation of a data-only smartphone. What’s the benefit of that? Money…as in substantial savings on regular smartphone charges. Voice service over this device could be obtained via Skype or Google Voice.

iPad Gets an Upgrade
The second rumor  - more likely, because it centers around the next generation of iPad. The tablet market continues to explode, driven by recent hardware releases like Apple’s iPad 2. According to some industry insiders, there is a push at Apple to develop an iPad screen that actually doubles the resolution of the iPad 2, taking it from its present 1024 x 768 resolution to an astounding 2048 x 1536. The advanced graphics feature wasn’t included in the iPad 2 because of production cost – high manufacturing cost that would have taken the iPad 2 past its $500 base-model sticker price.

How much screen resolution can iPad HD deliver? Try twice as much as the iPad 2.

There are still plenty of details to work out before these rumors become fact. The iPod Touch, for example, isn’t built with an ear speaker, nor does it have its own GPS chip – a feature which next generation models will most likely get upgraded with – to support location-based services.

In September, it’s anticipated that Apple will make some kind of special announcement, and it could involve the introduction of the super-resolution iPad – what might be called “iPad HD,” a more costly device generally intended for use by people with a vested stake in a higher-resolution screen, like graphics professionals or those working in film and video production.

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