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Nintendo’s New Game: What’s Cookin’ at Project Cafe? (E3 Preview)

Like some top-secret mission out of a spy movie, it’s so far undercover that it has its own code name. Mysteriously known as “Project Cafe,” Nintendo’s upcoming Wii 2 console may be available at retailers as soon as this October. When delivered to store shelves, the new machine will carry a MSRP between $350 and $400. Both gamers and industry analysts are anxiously awaiting the upcoming E3 2011 conference (June 7-9), when Nintendo will unveil the new game machine to the public.

Wii R the Champions
“Project Cafe” started as an Internet rumor, but a recent announcement from Nintendo (and some convincingly official leaked images) confirmed it. Aside from the fact that this is Nintendo’s very first high-definition, Blu-Ray-disc-enabled game machine, the most striking detail about the Wii 2 (which some speculate could be called “Nintendo Stream”) is its controller. In addition to the usual keypad and operational buttons, the controller also features a high-resolution display that incorporates touch-screen functionality.

Bonus perspective: The new Wii 2 controller will feature a touchscreen display.

That’s right, touch-screen technology, just like the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Although it may be overwhelming the first time you think of the possibilities this controller could provide, the display screen makes perfect sense when you consider the various ways it could be used. (Some reports indicate that the system will enable the streaming of games to each controller.)

Nintendo’s new games machine will support high-definition resolution, a first for the game giant.

Insiders say that the system will be able to deliver more graphics-processing power than the PlayStation 3. In addition, the Wii 2’s computer (a custom-designed triple-core IBM PowerPC) is reported to offer faster processing times than the Xbox 360. Aside from its ability to deliver on these performance claims, the biggest current mystery concerns when the Wii 2 will actually be available at retailers and what the system and the games will cost. Some industry talk holds that Nintendo’s manufacturer will have enough console units ready for an October 2011 roll-out, while other voices suggest that Nintendo will hold to an early 2012 timeline, thereby allowing for one more holiday season to sell the original Wii.

The exact specs of the Wii 2 console will be released at E3. These official-looking devkit specs have been making the rounds on video-game sites and fan forums. Could this be Nintendo’s next machine? We’ll have to find out at E3. (Double-click on the specs to see a higher-resolution image.)

The Game Platform
The world of video games is constantly evolving, with new game systems and platforms being introduced all the time. Get into the games business now by spending a week or two learning game design at video game design summer camp. When selecting a computer summer camp, remember that a technology school’s training is only good if it remains up to date. The instructors at Digital Media Academy Computer and Digital Arts Summer Camps are industry innovators who stay current with the latest technology. They also understand which game systems are going to be tomorrow’s heavy hitters.

From an Introduction to 3D Art, Modeling and Animation for Game Design…to 3D Game Development classes (for developing games for Google Android devices, for the Internet and for iPhones)…to 3D Game Creation classes in Level Design and Character Design. No matter where your video-game interests lay, DMA has a computer summer camp for you. Who knows? With the right training, someday you might create the next video-game machine or million-selling video for the latest and greatest console.


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Digital Media Academy Inspires Teen to Pursue Video Game Design Career

Andy Hoffman is currently a junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, Texas and will be graduating in the Spring of 2010. Andy has known since he was 10 years old that he wanted to find a college that would allow him to get a degree in Video Game Design and allow him to go into the gaming industry.

The following is an interview with Andy. Read showcasing how Digital Media Academy inspired Andy and helped him acquire great skills that will allow him to pursue his passion.

DMA: How old are you?

Andy: 17

DMA: How many summers have you been attending DMA?

Andy: This will be my fourth summer.

Andy has taken the following game creation courses at DMA:

In summer of ’09 he is taking Web Design and Flash Scripting for Game Design.

DMA: Which DMA location did you attend?

Andy: Stanford University. I enjoy the campus environment, it’s very easy to get around and a relaxing environment.

DMA: Prior to attending DMA, did you know what career path you wanted to take?

Andy: Somewhat. The main issue that prevented me from deciding to go into game design prior to attending DMA was the practicality of it.

DMA: Describe your experience at DMA.

Andy: In the past three summers I’ve learned a lot and had fun doing it.

DMA: How has DMA helped you in deciding what you would like to do when you “grow up”?

Andy: Meeting other kids with similar interests, and the instructors and speakers who came and spoke to us about the game design industry really inspired me.

DMA: Do you know which University you would like to attend?

Andy: Through the help of DMA and my high school counselor, I found several incredible options that are considered prestigious in the game industry. I’ve now narrowed my search down to Savannah College of Art and Design, Ringling College of Art and Design, Southern Methodist University, The University of Texas at Dallas, and University of Southern California. SMU offers a 5 year program that includes a masters degree as well.

DMA: What stands out the most for you from your time spent at DMA camps.

Andy: Being in high school, but living on a college campus for a few weeks out of the summer doing what I will hopefully be doing a year or two from now when I’m actually in college.

DMA: Describe the quality of the facilities, computers, instructors, etc.

Andy: Beyond expectations.

We also got a chance to talk to Andy’s mom, Joni Hoffman.

DMA: As a parent, please describe your experience with DMA.

Joni: My son Andy has been interested in Video Game Design since he was 10 years old. He attended several local video game creation computer camps offered in Houston. We found that Andy knew more than the instructors, even at a young age. He would ask questions they simply could not answer. We soon learned that Andy needed a more serious and rigorous program than what we had locally. I was thrilled to find DMA. It has been an incredible experience for Andy.  This summer will be his 4th summer and unfortunately his last. He will be a senior. However because of DMA he is pursuing a degree in Video Game Design. The portfolio he has created from what he learned at DMA has helped him become a serious candidate for scholarship money at several universities that offer Video Game Design as a degree.

DMA: Do you feel that DMA is your typical camp? Explain.

Joni: NO. Living on the Stanford campus was an incredible opportunity.

DMA: Do you feel that DMA has opened your son’s eyes to know which career path he wants to pursue?

DMA attracts kids literally from all over the world who have a similar passion and interest. Andy has had roommates from the UK, Canada and France.  These same kids may even reconnect someday once they are in the real world pursuing their dreams of being in the gaming industry.

DMA: Would you recommend DMA to others?

Joni: Absolutely

DMA: Anything else you would like to comment on about DMA?

With the state of the economy, many “stable” degrees no longer offer a guarantee of landing a good job after graduation. It’s more important than ever to pick from degrees that are going to have jobs available. The video game industry is booming and probably only going to get stronger. I think Andy is fortunate that his passion for this industry has great potential for a very successful career as an adult.

I truly believe that DMA helped shape Andy’s future and his DMA experience has definitively given him a competitive advantage in the college admissions process. Not to mention he had a blast. Kudos to the staff and counselors at DMA!

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