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What Did Apple Announce at WWDC? A Guide to iOS 6

This week in scenic San Francisco, Apple is wowing both companies and developers that make software and apps for Apple’s various platforms at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook gave WWCD’s keynote address on Monday. This was the first time WWDC was not addressed by Steve Jobs.

It’s a conference that often telegraphs Apple’s game plan for the rest of the year. In the past, the conference has been the forum where two iPhones and various Macs have been introduced. On Monday morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage, giving the conference’s keynote address.

Numbers Game
Cook started his Monday morning keynote by dazzling the crowd with some spectacular numbers:

  • Apple largely owns the digital marketplace. Apple has paid out an estimated $5 billion to app developers since the App Store was started just four years ago.
  • There are now more than 66,000 apps, resulting in more than 30 billion downloaded apps.
  • Some 400 million consumers have their credit card information on file with Apple.

One of today’s major announcements involved Apple’s latest iOS (the iOS is what developers use to make apps for the iPad or iPhone). In a nutshell, the iOS powers Apple iDevices…and it’s about to change dramatically:

Driving Developments
For years, Google Maps has been the default mapping app for Apples iDevices, but that’s about to change. Apple’s iOS 6 will introduce its own tweaked-up version of Maps, and it promises to offer some capabilities that Google Maps can’t match. This includes turn-by-turn navigation, voiced by Siri, Apple’s personal assistant program.

Apple’s new Maps app will help you find your way.

Not only will Siri guide drivers to their destinations, she’ll also provide estimated trip times, and when the speed limit changes. If traffic slows (because of an accident or other event), she’ll  suggest an alternate route. Siri will also help you find gas. Finally, the new Maps app will feature a photographic 3D view of numerous cities called “Flyover,” in addition to offering a traffic view so you can visually plan the best route for your drive.

Siri-ous Improvements
Siri will be updated with iOS 6, too – and she’ll be featured on the new iPad. For most users, the biggest improvement will be the ability to launch apps with a single voice command, which many users have been vocal about desiring. Siri will also be given a new “Eyes Free” mode that will work in conjunction with your car by simply pressing a button on your steering wheel. (To make this a reality, Apple is already partnering with numerous auto manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, GM, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz.)

And not only will Siri become more convenient to access; the program will become smarter and know more about a wider range of subjects. For example, if you’re looking for sports scores and schedules (and even stats), Siri can now be your go-to expert. The same applies to other entertainment, such as movies (with Siri able to serve up reviews, showtimes and trailers).

And when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat after a game or before a movie, Siri will have you covered there, too. The personal assistant will soon be able to give you a sneak peek at restaurant menus and even help you make dinner reservations.

Attendees are flocking this week to San Francisco’s Moscone Center (West) from around the world. The conference will last through Friday. 

Social Affairs
It’s a social-media world, a fact not lost on Apple. So iOS 6 will fully integrate Facebook, just as iOS 5 brought system integration for Twitter users. With iOS 6, once you log into your Facebook account from the Settings app, you can remain logged in…even if you open different apps, and (here’s the best part) you won’t be required to log in multiple times.

With this new integration, Facebook events will appear in the Calendar app. And let’s say you use both Facebook and Twitter. With iOS 6, both social media sites will be included within the notification dropdown. So if you need to post a new status, you can do it once in this location and the change will be made to both the Facebook and Twitter accounts. iOS 6 enables all of these improvements, not to mention the ability to post photos and preferred apps directly to Facebook.

“Pass Go” with Passbook
iOS 6 will feature a new app called “Passbook.” It works like Google Wallet. Passbook stores a wide variety of items (such as movie tickets, gift cards and airline tickets) in one convenient app. Passbook works in conjunction with the notification center, helpfully reminding you if you arrive at a location where you might be able to use one of the items stored in the app.

Another improvement? A “Do Not Disturb” feature for iPhones that keeps things on the down-low. Don’t worry; you’ll still receive notifications when they come but you just won’t have to hear about each and every one of them.

The Do Not Disturb feature lets you customize interruptions, such as when to activate and who to accept calls from.

Making the “VIP” List
The new iOS also gives you a way to prioritize the Mail app with special instructions based on the names of your inner-posse members. By accessing the “VIPs” feature, you’ll be able to receive special notification when you receive messages from those you’re tight with. The feature will also let you batch all incoming messages from the crew with a single tap. Mail will now let users add pix and flix to message, as well as view marked messages.

Setting the Pace
The announcements made at Apple’s WWDC often have a global impact, and influence the world of personal computing for the next year. Coming up in Part Two: We look at new changes coming to the MacBook line.

Are you ready to learn app development for the iPhone and iPad? We are! iOS makes the world’s coolest gadgets even cooler!


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What Will the iPhone 5 Look Like?

Apple changed the smartphone business forever on January 9, 2007, when the late Steve Jobs introduced the revolutionary device to the world. The iPhone has since gone on to become one of the world’s most popular cell phones.

The iPhone 5 (far right) side by side with the current version of the phone. Note the iPhone 5′s 4-inch screen…

Since then Apple fans and phone enthusiasts gobble up rumors and news about new versions of the little phone that can. Lately there have been iPhone 5 rumors, like the rumor of a “teardrop-shaped iPhone 5,” which were false. More recently, both analysts and insiders have been dropping more rumors, but these are actually closer to reality, since they are coming from very reputable sources, like Foxcomm employees (the company that makes the iPhone).

Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

New Size: The iPhone 5 will be thinner and longer than the current iPhone 4 and 4S. While the iPhone 5 will be the same width, it will be taller – approximately 125 mm by 58.5 mm by 7.4 mm. That’s a 10-mm increase in height, and a 2-mm reduction in thickness.

New Connections:  A new Dock Connector will also be part of the new iPhone.

The new dock will be smaller to accommodate the thinner size.

The new connector is also rumored to to be used on ALL new upcoming Apple devices, including an iPod touch update expected later this year (which could have the same screen and CPU as the iPhone 5).

New Back: According to sources close to production, the plastic or ceramic back will be replaced with a metal back. Everything from liquid metal to aluminum has been rumored. And the back will be flat, not curved. (Insiders say it’s to resemble the new generation of Macbooks set to release this summer.)

New Glass Front: Apple loves glass. From the Apple Store to the new campus, Apple uses and knows a lot about glass and the mass production of it. Gorilla Glass will be used in the new iPhone. It can be manufactured thinner and can provide the same strength and protection as earlier iPhones. This is especially important for the:

New Display Size: The change in height includes bringing the screen size to 4 inches versus the current 3.5-inch diagonal. This would be the first time Apple has changed the screen size of the iPhone since the launch of the platform. This means app learning iPhone app development will include making the graphics fit a larger screen.

The iPhone: a silicon sandwich of cellular radio transmitters, memory, CPU, sensors, cameras and battery.

Why the changes? LTE radios. They take up more space in a smartphone than 3G radios and use more power. To use LTE in iPhone 5, rumors are that Apple needed to make room. There are also insiders that say for that reason, Apple will stick to a 3.5-inch screen, and skip LTE radios until they get smaller and take less power.

If Apple does make the display larger, the ad campaign could be something like “Making the Best, Better.” A 16:9 video would look amazing. Controls for games could also be placed to the sides of graphics (the current phone makes it hard to play with your thumbs obscuring the screen). Making iPhones games could be more challenging.


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iPhone 5 Rumors & Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 5 is next up on the tech giants slate of planned product releases. Rumors about the smartphone have been swirling around the internet since before Apple played bait and switch with the iPhone 4S. But when is the iPhone 5 coming out, and what features will it have?

The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a metal case, and also – a larger screen.

When Will The iPhone 5 Go On Sale?
The earliest cited estimates for announcement/release of the iPhone 5 involve the late spring/early summer time frame. During that window, Apple will participate in the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is held in June. Some experts are betting that the release will take advantage of that event’s press exposure, with production getting in gear during that same time.

If Apple doesn’t make an iPhone 5 announcement in June, the next likely time frame would be October 2012. Most Apple analysts point to the fact that the last version of the iPhone (the iPhone 4S) was released this past fall, and Apple almost always spreads product releases by yearly intervals.

iPhone 5 Features
So now that we have an idea on when the phone will be available our next question is of course, what will it do? The iPhone 5 is supposedly part Apple’s all new product line for 2012, with Apple rumored to be overhauling it’s entire product base. This leaves some exciting possibilities for the iPhone 5, like:

Larger Screen: Apple has taken shots from consumers and the industry alike for not having a larger display. Some experts believe Apple will ramp up the current iPhone display size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches, while others are expecting a whopping big display on the iPhone 5…one that could approach 4.7 inches. Odds: Highly Likely

NFC: The iPhone rumors include the device may include NFC (near-field communication). Like Google Wallet, NFC allows for devices to be used as a credit card (otherwise known as “wave and pay” chips). Rumors are Apple has rejected NFC because there is no standard for it. But recently Forbes reported an Apple employee let it leak that the iPhone 5 would have NFC and use iTunes for billing. That makes more sense, since NFC is the future and Apple’s never been known to care much about the current standards, just look to iTunes for proof of that. Odds: 60% Likely

More Power: Other expected enhancements include a more powerful processor, possibly even using the A5X dual-core processor chip that powers the new iPad. Odds: 85% Likely

Better Camera: Apple has slowly added better cameras to their devices but they lag behind the industry as a whole. With the new push for retina display and better photography, odds are high that Apple will make sure a better camera is in the iPhone 5. Odds: Very Likely

Metal Case: According to sources at Apple’s Chinese iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, the new iPhone 5 could be made of lightweight metal, possibly aluminum, there have also been rumors of Liquidmetal, a futuristic substance that’s as easy to mold, lightweight like plastic, but as strong as aluminum. Odds: Highly Likely

Not the iPhone 5 – but this could be the iPhone 8…

Apple Innovation = Revolution
Apple like many young tech professionals are driven by technology and taking the lead in creating the future. Learning app development for the iPhone can help you be part of the revolution. And speaking of revolution, make no mistake, when the iPhone 5 does release it will be revolutionary.


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iPhone 5 Concept Video & Possible Features

In less than 24 hours, we’ll all know what Apple’s iPhone division has been up to with the latest iPhone. This will be the first time in 20 years that Apple has introduced a product without Steve Jobs – although some have rumored Jobs may make an appearance, everyone’s really looking for the next iPhone (or iPhones).

Voice control is rumored to be a possible feature on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

That’s right – Apple may release two phones. In addition to the iPhone 5, a second phone would be cheaper and have less storage capacity. Some analysts are referring to it as the iCloud Phone. Apple’s new cloud-computing services could be a direct tie-in.

Let’s Talk iPhone
Apple still hasn’t released the tech specs on their next phone. Nonetheless, industry insiders, Apple patent detectives, newshounds tracking the lost iPhone in Bay Area bars and analysts have given the following rumors (and possible features) a bit more attention:

We’re not exactly sure what to expect but we do know we’ll get an upgrade to an already amazing phone. Apple has continued to revolutionize the smartphone industry. Fans and industry investors alike are eager to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone. Here’s a concept video from a film producer and phone fan:

If only the new iPhone could perform these futuristic tricks. The future’s not that far off.

We’ll find out about Apple’s announcement on Tuesday at 10 AM (PT). Apple will host the iPhone launch event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

For Apple, the world’s most valuable company, it’s the company’s first product announcement under new CEO, Tim Cook. The big question surrounding the announcement: Who will take center stage at the event? Everyone, from Apple to the App developer, is waiting to find out.


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