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App of the Month: “Frisbee Forever” (Review)

Game: Frisbee Forever
Developer: Kiloo Games
Rating: 4 out 5 stars
Cost: Free

Summer is here and if you can’t get to your local park to toss the Frisbee around, you can still enjoy the sport from the comfort of your couch, thanks to Wham-O’s new game and app: “Frisbee Forever.” Developed by Kiloo Games, the colorful, arcade-style game plays a lot like a Wii game. The object is simple: Navigate a mini-golf-like obstacle course with a Frisbee for coins. Coins can then be used in a Frisbee shop to buy better flying discs or special upgrades.

“Frisbee Forever” runs on the iPhone and iPad and uses those iDevices’ accelerometer to control the Frisbee (players tilt the device left or right to guide the flying disc through the course).

A gameplay trailer of “Frisbee Forever.”

Frisbee Flicking Fun
It’s as easy as flicking your finger across the touchscreen to send the disc on its way. Gameplay is super-responsive and the graphics rival anything you’ve seen on the Wii. “Frisbee Forever” includes 10 different worlds, and each world (or area) features 10 levels…for a total of 100 challenges. The courses and environments are inventive and fun, and while, at times, some of the obstacles seem impossible, patience and a well-practiced tilting technique will get you through. Flying through hoops and triangle checkpoints on the course maintain the Frisbee’s momentum, and as you fly through each course, you’ll collect stars along the course. The medal you are eventually awarded is based on how many stars you collect.

Purchase “Frisbee Forever” through the Apple App Store.

As mentioned, as players advance through the game, they earn coins for clearing each level and receive a trophy rank of silver, bronze or gold. Be warned that patience is necessary, however, because even for the best player it will take a while to collect enough coins for the better discs. But you can also buy coins to purchase items through the App Store.

Overall, “Forever Frisbee” is an extremely well-made app and will provide you with hours of fun – all for free.

Make Your Own Mobile App – at Summer Camp
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Making Magic with Your iPhone

We love technology and we love magic, so when we see something that brings both of these great subjects together – well, we just have to share it. Check out this video by Marco Tempest. You will be amazed. Marco is an award-winning illusionist with a flair for presenting magic in a unique, technology-enhanced setting:

See? We weren’t kidding; the guy blends technology with magic to jaw-dropping effect. From interactive card tricks (using digital card images projected on an iPhone) to placing his head or hand magically inside a video monitor, Marco dazzles crowds all over the world with his incredible feats of magic. (We’re still trying to figure out how he got butterflies to appear on his iPhone and move them, magically from one phone to another.)

Marco is a Swiss-born magician who resides in New York City. While he’s been performing magic for some years, he gained widespread fame with an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Since his appearance in 2006, he’s gone on to produce an entire show, which is called “The VIrtual Magician” and is based around interactive technology-themed magic. He also issued a “Phonecam” challenge, to encourage other magicians to post a video-taped magic trick done in one take, using no cuts or edits. Want to catch this amazing magician on the road? Check out Marco Tempests’ Tour Schedule.

We first found Marco showing off his talents when the original iPhone launched back in 2007. Here he uses the iPhone to X-Ray his hand.

Make Magic with Your iPhone
To create many of the illusions Marco performs on stage, he produces his own apps that run on devices like the iPhone. Want to make magic on your iPhone like Marco? Then make a magic app or game for the iPhone or iPad. You can do it. Spend an exciting week learning 3D Game Development for the iPhone or App Development for Apple iDevices. Before you know it, you’ ll be on your way to wowing crowds…just like Marco Tempest.


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Summer Survival Tech Tips: Keeping Your iPad Dry & More

Summer is just around the corner and this means that, in addition to the sunscreen and shark floaties, you’ll no doubt be bringing your technology along with you to the beach or pool. You know, modern must-have accessories like your iPad, your MacBook Pro, your iPhone and iPod. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your electronics while enjoying summer fun:

Stream Your Music & Media Everywhere
You should already be using a free cloud storage service like Amazon or Dropbox offer, and if you’re not, you will be. Doing so offers a pain-free way to secure your computer’s data, while improving CPU performance. Cloud storage services are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons, and you can start using one today – for free!

Stream your music, from the cloud…

But why risk bringing your one and only music player and your entire library of music on vacation when you don’t have to? Amazon offers 5GB of free storage while Dropbox offers 2GB. Buy an album on Amazon and you can get 20GB. Dropbox even has an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to play your music on the run, although it doesn’t offer quite the functionality as something like…

BoxyTunes – Make any iPhone or iPad a Cloud Music Player
Google’s Android platform has multiple options for cloud music players; the iPhone, not so much. But if you have Dropbox, now there’s a solution so you can access your tunes on the go. BoxyTunes cost $2 and allows you to sync up your iPhone or iPad with your Dropbox account.

A new way to think outside the box when it comes to music: BoxyTunes.

The BoxyTunes app plays all the formats iOS supports and even offers such great features as quick rewind, background play and AirPlay support.  It certainly won’t replace your iPod but it does offer a great alternative to playing your music, especially if you’re storing your music on the cloud (or in this case, on Dropbox). Remember though, this app doesn’t stream music; it’s a music player for Dropbox.

Keeping Gadgets Dry & Sand-Free
Nothing could be worse than watching your iPad or Kindle slip from your fingers and take that slow dive to the bottom of the pool. But now you don’t have to worry if your new electronic buddy goes for a swim, thanks to the makers of Dry Case.

Dry Case – protecting your technology while you enjoy it.

The vacuum-sealed plastic pouch is completely waterproof and has earphone and mic jacks that provide an additional layer of protection. Sure, with a few gallon-sized Ziplock bags you can do pretty much the same thing, but at $59.95 it’s a small investment to properly protect your $500+ iPad.

Make Your Own Mobile App – at Summer Camp
What better way to really learn what that amazing mobile device can do than to build an app for it? And where better to do that than on the campus of a prestigious university like HarvardThe University of ChicagoDrexelUCLAUCSD or StanfordDigital Media Academy offers critically acclaimed app development summer camps, where you’ll learn app development skills from leading industry professionals.

Spend an exciting week learning 3D Game Development for the iPhone or App Development for Apple iDevices. Before you know it, you’ ll be on your way to making your dream app a reality.


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Cool New App “Leaves” All Other Apps Behind

Apple’s list of apps keeps growing – and now there’s a free app for the iPhone that lets you identify trees by analyzing their leaves. The app is so downright cool, it might turn you into a nature lover without you even knowing it – even if the closest you usually get to greenery is the lettuce in your taco.

ID that tree…with LeafSnap!

Called LeafSnap, the app puts an entire botanical library on your iPhone. Here’s how it works: Imagine you’re out for a walk and you spot a tree. Is it a maple? An oak? Perhaps a Himalayan birch? You can find out, simply by snagging a leaf off the tree. Place that leaf against a white piece of paper and snap a photo of it with your iPhone camera. LeafSnap analyzes the shape and texture of the leaf by comparing it to a database of leaf images supplied by the Smithsonian Institution and Finding Species, a natural photography group.

The app also guides you through follow-up search efforts that may be necessary until you can figure out exactly what tree produced your leaf. After you’ve identified what you’ve found, you can even choose to add your discovery to the growing database of leaf data, just like a genuine botanist.

LeafSnap was developed by scientists at Columbia University and the University of Maryland and uses facial recognition technology to identify leaves. So far, only the trees of the New York City and Washington, D.C. areas have been covered in the database, but the app will eventually cover species of trees native to all of the U.S.

LeafSnap also keeps a map of your collection, so you can find that special maple tree you love napping under.

LeafSnap is free and available for download through Apple’s App Store. It’s also coming soon to the Google Android.

Creative and amazing apps, like LeafSnap, don’t just happen by accident. They’re only developed through the hard work of well trained, expert professionals. Do you want to be an app developer? You can get professional training from leading industry innovators by attending a Digital Media Academy App Development Summer Camp. DMA offers not only Game Development Summer Camps for Apps & Apple iDevices but also App Development Summer Camps for the Google Android platform. Learn how to bring your ideas to life on today’s hottest mobile platforms with DMA.


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PS3 iPhone & Android App Launching in 2011

Sony will release the official PlayStation 3 app to the iPhone and Android most likely in early 2011. So does this mean you’ll be able to play your favorite PlayStation games on your mobile phone? Not exactly. The new app will allow you to track your PS3 gamer trophies and stay connected with friends. The app will be available first in Europe – the UK, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands – with release in the U.S. to follow.

The PlayStation app on the iPhone. It connects directly with the PlayStation Network, so gamers can keep track of their friends or update their own status.

Many in the mobile industry believe this is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live app that was included with the Windows 7 phone. That app allows gamers to play mobile versions of Xbox 360 games on the Windows phone, earning points and extras that can be used on their console games. The PlayStation 3 app gives smartphone users the ability to connect with the PlayStation Network, keep track of gamer trophies, connect with friends through Facebook, Twitter or email, updating their status all through the iPhone or Android mobile device. Best of all, the app is free.

The app will also give gamers news updates on Playstation and PSP games and hardware gadgets. Sony Europe have also said updates and added features for the app will be added over the next few months after the release. It’s also interesting to note that app will not launch in the U.S. first, this decision could be related to the next Sony PSP which will also work as a phone. Finally, to run the app you’ll need to have iOS 4 running on your Apple device or Android 1.6 or above.

DROID. The PlayStation app will apparently have the same features as the iPhone on the Google OS.

The app market is rapidly growing and it’s connection with console games inevitable. If you’re interested in developing games for the iPhone or developing for the Android, get started by taking a class in mobile game development. If anything, this market will continue to grow as we become an increasing mobile culture.


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iPhone Developers Get Free Dev Tools: Unreal Development Kit launches for iOS

Infinity Blade is one of the hottest games on the market. Surprisingly, it’s an iPhone game that shows the iPhone can not only be a serious contender to the Nintendo and Sony handhelds, but possibly the new mobile gaming king. You don’t have to tell that to Epic’s VP Mark Rein, he’s fully behind Apple’s handheld and feels Apple’s App Store is the best market for mobile gaming.

Epic Games (the developer behind Infinity Blade and folks behind the Xbox 360 megahit Gears of War), believes in the iPhone so much that they’re releasing the iPhone Unreal Engine – the tools they used to make Infinity Blade – to the public.

The UDK will be made available for free, as long as the game or app you develop with it is not sold. If you want to sell your creation, you’ll need to pay Epic a $99 developer/licensing fee, plus a 25% royalties after your first $5,000 in sales.

The beautiful Epic Citadel was created using the Unreal Development Kit.

The Unreal Development Kit is a powerful mobile dev platform. It gives iPhone Mobile game developers even more options than ever to create experiences that rival or surpass console games. That and great content has helped make mobile development the fastest growing segment of the gaming market.

“If you’re going to make a game for a mobile device, and you want to make the most money… make it for iOS.” – Epic’s VP Mark Rein

If you’re interested in iPhone game development there are great technology camps and courses in mobile game development to help you get started creating games. Mobile gaming is hot, and so is Android game development it’s just as popular as iPhone.

Get started with mobile game development and get in on the hottest area of gaming. Check out the iPad demo for Epic Citadel also created with the Unreal Development Kit.


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