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How Do I Get the Apple iOS 6 Update?

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod users can now rejoice…because the wait for iOS 6 is over. The update is now live and available for download.

With the new Maps app available with iOS 6, certain cities—like San Francisco—are showcased in dazzling 3D.

To get the update all you need to do is hook up your iDevice to your computer and launch iTunes. Apple will take it from there.

If you prefer to go wireless, you can download directly through your device, by opening your iDevice’s Settings, then selecting “General” and clicking on “Software Update.” Download times will vary and depend on a few things, like your connection speed and your current iOS. For example, if your iDevice OS is a few versions old, it could take significantly longer than if you’ve updated the OS regularly.

iOS 6 Features
The update (600 MB in size) is a goldmine, packed with more than 200 new features. Like Apple’s new Maps app, which replaces Google Maps as the iDevice choice for navigation assistance. In addition to offering voice-based navigation that tells you where to make each turn, “Maps” even contains a dazzling feature (“Flyover”) that uses a 3D display to showcase certain cities.

The Passbook app in iOS 6. No more fumbling for boarding passes or movie tickets.

For fans of social media, Facebook is integrated into the OS, while users familiar with Google Wallet will enjoy Passbook—which operates like a virtual wallet, storing digital items like movie tickets and airline tickets in your iDevice.

And if you’re an iPad user who’s felt jealous of your iPhone-carrying friends because they’ve gotten to know Siri, you can relax because there’s now plenty of Siri to go around. The iOS 6 update enables users of the third-generation iPad (as well as the new iPod Touch) to issue voice commands to Siri, who always responds with good advice spoken pleasantly. Plus, thanks to this update, she does even more now, including finding information about movies, restaurants and sporting news, and posting your direct comments to your Twitter or Facebook page.

Hottest new sportscaster of the year? Soon Siri will be delivering more sports news than ESPN.

It’s clear that iOS 6 represents a significant leap forward for the iOS—which is not surprising since the iOS will come standard on the iPhone 5. For programmers who are already exploiting the features of the last iOS, iOS 6 gives app developers a chance to really showcase their skills.


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5 Must Have iPad Accessories

The iPad ranks at the top of almost everyone’s holiday shopping list as the must-have gadget of the season. The iPad is not only great for Mom & Dad, but for the whole family. And new accessories for the iPad make the device even more family friendly.

All kids want for Christmas are Apples – Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

iWant – The Must Have Holiday Gift
According to a recent survey by Nielsen Research, the iPad and iPhone are the most sought after gadgets among kids. Nielsen surveyed 6 – 12 year olds, 44% of them want an iPad, 30% of them want an iPod touch and 27% want an iPhone. Parents can speak first hand to the demand, especially since kids (of all age) at some point eventually highjack mom or dad’s iPad.

And kids start playing with tech gadgets early – according to Common Sense Media, today 40% of 2 – 4 year olds have used a smartphone, tablet or portable multimedia device. The percentage raises considerable for 5 – 8 year olds, more than 50% of those kids have used those devices. More surprising? 10% of infants have used one of those devices prior to their first birthday.

Must Have Kids Accessories
It’s a do everything device with a big cool factor, so no wonder kids want to get their hands on it. Learning to build apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod is a Christmas gift that will keep giving for a long time, until then you can certainly get by on these great accessories that make the iPad even cooler:

ion’s iCade turns your iPad into a retro arcade game machine.

iCade $99.99
Slip the iPad into the iCade and you’ve got a tabletop retro arcade. The joystick and buttons are quick and responsive and it’s solidly built. There’s another Atari-licensed arcade accessory but it isn’t built like the iCade, which features a hardwood cabinet like the old-school standup coin-op machines. There’s even a faux coin slot for collecting quarters. For fans of old school arcade machines (who don’t want to hunt down or pay for an antique machine), this is the perfect gift.

Disney Spotlight Microphone $99.99
Do you have a closet Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus at home? Make them a star with Disney’s Spotlight Microphone – the wireless mic turns the iPad into a karaoke machine. Record your own music video while performing, plus the Karaoke app allows you to polish your performance with reverb, echo and provides vocal warm-ups too.

Keep the kids entertained while on the go with the Crayola iMarker. 

Crayola iMarker – ColorStudioHD $29.99
Turn your iPad into a coloring book – but without marking up your iPad’s screen with crayons. Using the iMarker stylus (which looks like an oversized crayon), kids can freely doodle or color pre-drawn pages using the ColorStudioHD app which is available free with the iMarker. Drawings come to life with animations and based on initial testing it looks like every color in the Crayola box has been included too!

Cars 2 Appmates $12.99 – $14.99
Disney teamed up Spin Master toys for Appmates, a toy that interacts with the iPad, with the first set of Appmates toys based on the Cars 2 movie. All parents have to do is download the free app and buy the car packs, kids then can “drive” on different courses using the Appmates car. The Cars license, fun mini-games and Disney quality animations set the Appmates apart from accessories pack.

Griffin’s HELO Touch lets you control a helicopter using your iPad or iPhone. 

HELO TC (Touch-Controller) RC Helicopter  $49.99
For older kids, Griffin’s remote-controlled toy helicopter is just the ticket. The app is free and turns your iPad touchscreen into a helicopter controller. The helicopter fits in the palm of your hand and can do the same tricks as models costing three times more. RC helicopters like this eventually crash, but thankfully for parents Griffin offers replacement parts like propellor blades and more at their website, so you can keep your copter flying without buying another one.

Apps (and Apples) for the Holidays 
Apple’s iPad and iPhones are more popular than ever, so it’s no surprise they’ve found their way into the $22 billion toy market. According to Gartner Research, Apple expects to double the number of iPhones sold this year, bringing the total to 90.6 million worldwide – the number of iPads is expected to triple, topping 46.7 million. What do those numbers mean? Most likely you’ll be filling a stocking or placing an Apple product on your gift giving list this holiday season too.


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iPad, iCloud & App Cards

At the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event on Tuesday, Apple unveiled its next generation iPhone, the iPhone4S, but Apple was also talking about iPads, iCloud and apps, too.

Apple’s iPad pilot program for schools has put iPads in classrooms, in every state in the U.S. new schools are being equipped with iPads according to a recent article in the NYTimes. Photo via NYTimes. 

Apple has been pushing innovation not only in the technology space, but innovating schools and business. Apple’s latest phone features voice recognition and while it’s an incredible technological step, the company is full steam ahead on all fronts.

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, got a laugh for saying airplane pilots use of iPads makes airplanes more efficient. But it’s true; the FAA approved the use of the device and apps like ForeFlight. Hospitals are testing iPads, too. In fact, 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies are supposedly “testing or deploying” the iPad in their workplaces. And the amount of schools and summer camps using iPads has dramatically increased.

In addition to the new iPhone 4S, the Apple event was a chance for Apple to toot its own horn and talk about these innovations and outreach. And Apple continues to surprise us with its unique train of thought.

Instead of iPhone 5, Apple introduced…Apple Cards???

Digital Goes Analog 
Apple has surpassed 250 million sales of iOS devices. That’s iPads, iPod touches and iPhones. Apps make these devices truly shine. The App Store features some 140,000 for the iPad alone, with more than 500,000 total apps. More than a billion of them are downloaded every month. Leave it to Apple to introduce one that helps you send a greeting or holiday card. The Apple Cards app lets you create paper printed cards – right from your iPhone or iPad.

Cards are sent with a special postal mark barcode – when they’re scanned at the destination, you get a text message the card has arrived.

If no one else was excited about the Apple Cards announcement, we’re sure the Postmaster General is since traditional postal mail use is significantly down. People still prefer to send cards the old fashioned way, however.

High Above the iCloud 
In the future we’ll all be storing docs in the Cloud. Think of anything you save – a document, picture or song. It all goes in the Cloud. Google Docs has done this for some time, so it’s no surprise to see Apple follow suit by promoting iCloud.

Apple’s iCloud allows the storage of any file type, and serves up all your media on all your iDevices – MacBook, iPhone and tablet. When you sign up, you get 5GB for your mail and docs, and pay an additional $20/$50/$100 more a year for added storage. Users get unlimited storage for photos and music. Using iCloud allows Apple to see all the music you own, and maybe even if you paid for it or not.

But iCloud does allow you to share your media across your many devices, which could come in handy for work or home.

The Core of Apple 
Apple’s doing what it has always done; revolutionizing technology to make your life easier and more productive. Siri, the voice recognition software for your iPhone 4S, is billed as a personal assistant. The iCloud makes moving your media easier. Apple Cards let you send a mailed greeting card right from your phone. Apple is revolutionizing the way we live our lives. And owning an iPhone or iPad isn’t the only to get involved with the Apple revolution. Learning app development for iDevices is a great way to get started with the Apple iOS, too. You don’t have to work for Apple to change the world.


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Will Apple Kill the iPod?

Apple revolutionized personal music with the iPod. It’s been wildly successful for ten years. Models have include the classic iPod, as well as the 2G and 3G updates. In addition, Apple has enjoyed robust sales for the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch.

                             iPod                                                     iPhone

King of the Hill
Over the years, the iPod has consistently laid waste to a slew of competitions (including Sony’s Walkman, the Zune and iRiver). But now the iPod is facing a competitive challenge that even it can’t beat: the rest of Apple’s technology—especially the iPhone and iPad, which have effectively stolen iPod’s thunder after a decade of defining the marketplace.

Even though the iPod has traditionally claimed as much as 90 percent of the portable music player market, there’s no getting around the fact that recent sales are noticeably down, to the tune of a 20-percent decline in third-quarter iPod sales from the year before  - and only 8 percent of Apple’s fourth-quarter 2010 revenue came from its iPod line.

Big pimpin’. A gold-plated iPod Shuffle.

Apple is now more aggressively pushing the iPhone and iPad. Apple hopes to convert iPod users into iPhone owners. Using a smartphone to access their music, which will be stored on the iCloud. And the sales figures indicate that many if not most of those users are already moving from iPod to iPhone or iPad.

No News is Bad News?
Over the years, Apple has followed a set strategy of announcing and releasing new products. These announcements have typically followed a pattern wherein the latest iPad model is announced in spring, new iPhone models are unveiled in summer, and iPod updates are presented in the fall. Apple has issued its press invitations for Tuesday’s October 4th press event, and none of Apple’s materials referenced the iPod, or any new iPod models. The device has also been overlooked by Apple for a few years now.

The Galaxy of Competition
As if the iPod didn’t have enough to worry about with fears of its impending extinction, now it’s facing yet another industry challenge, this time from the Samsung Galaxy. WHich is available in two versions, starting October 16th. Both the Galaxy Player 4.0 ($229) and Galaxy Player 5.0 ($269) will connect online through their Wi-Fi connections, are equipped with back-mounted 3.2-megapixel cameras as well as (front-mounted) VGA cameras to enable video chat functions, and take advantage of Google’s Android Gingerbread mobile OS.

The models differ primarily in screen size, offering either a 4-inch or 5-inch screen, both of which are larger than the iPod Touch’s 3.5-inch screen. Each model has 8 GB of memory, as well as an SD-card slot that can accommodate up to 32 GB of storage.

Samsung’s Galaxy Player 5.0                                                          4.0

Samsung is gunning for Apple’s lion share of the portable music player market, with new models like the Galaxy Player 5.0, which has a 5-inch screen…perfect for personal gaming. 

Samsung is clearly adopting a bigger-is-better strategy in its competition with Apple, with s whose screen size trumps that offered by market-leader Apple. Samsung is attacking Apple on another front, too. On October 2nd, Samsung will introduce its Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet computer. The 8.9 tablet is named for its 8.9-inch screen and updates its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Utilizing Google’s Android Honeycomb OS, Samsung will offer the 8.9 tablet with 16 GB of storage ($469) or really tricked-out with 32 GB (for $469).

Samsung is also aiming to capture the tablet computer market through its Galaxy Tab, which features an 8.9-inch screen and Google’s Android Honeycomb OS.

All the Google platforms are a boom for developers learning google android app development. For developers, the right training enables aspiring programmers and designers to get ramped up to speed quickly, with programming instruction that’s both hands-on and cutting-edge.


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Rumors Surrounding Apple’s New iPad HD & 3G iPod Touch

Rumors about Apple products come and go, but frequently, the loudest rumors are often based in truth. Two noisy new rumors in circulation involve significant updates to the iPad and iPod Touch.

A data-only smartphone? The 3G iPod Touch could save you money.

Next Tech
The first rumor involves the possibility of 3G wireless service coming to the iPod Touch. Users of Apple’s iPad will note that two phone companies (AT&T and Verizon) already offer 3G service for that device. But this is the iPod Touch we’re talking about, so this is a revolutionary concept, and one that could lead to the creation of a data-only smartphone. What’s the benefit of that? Money…as in substantial savings on regular smartphone charges. Voice service over this device could be obtained via Skype or Google Voice.

iPad Gets an Upgrade
The second rumor  - more likely, because it centers around the next generation of iPad. The tablet market continues to explode, driven by recent hardware releases like Apple’s iPad 2. According to some industry insiders, there is a push at Apple to develop an iPad screen that actually doubles the resolution of the iPad 2, taking it from its present 1024 x 768 resolution to an astounding 2048 x 1536. The advanced graphics feature wasn’t included in the iPad 2 because of production cost – high manufacturing cost that would have taken the iPad 2 past its $500 base-model sticker price.

How much screen resolution can iPad HD deliver? Try twice as much as the iPad 2.

There are still plenty of details to work out before these rumors become fact. The iPod Touch, for example, isn’t built with an ear speaker, nor does it have its own GPS chip – a feature which next generation models will most likely get upgraded with – to support location-based services.

In September, it’s anticipated that Apple will make some kind of special announcement, and it could involve the introduction of the super-resolution iPad – what might be called “iPad HD,” a more costly device generally intended for use by people with a vested stake in a higher-resolution screen, like graphics professionals or those working in film and video production.

For anyone interested in building a future that involves developing cutting edge tech like the iPad or using it to create digital media for the future, now is the ideal time to learn programming for iDevices or how to create content for these electronic platforms. Perhaps you want to learn how to program iDevices or maybe you’re interested in learning to become an app developer. There are plenty of options available, such as attending a digital media training center or pursuing training through an Apple Certified Training Center.


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