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How To Improve & Test Your Web Page Loading Speed

Finding good web-development help is difficult, and for many web devs, the more coding you can do yourself, the better off you are. But there is help out there and from a noted expert on the web: Google.

Testing page-loading speed using 

Internet Speed Freaks
Google offers great web development tools. Its latest, a Page Speed Service, will help developers improve the speed at which their web pages load. Basically, Google is offering to re-write your web code so your site’s pages load faster. To use the service (which was developed by Google’s Make the Web Faster team, in Bangalore, India), web slingers just need to sign up for it and point their site’s DNS entry to Google.

Want to test your website to see how fast it’s loading? There’s a web page for that. lets anyone type in a URL and Google will give you an indication of how much faster the site could load – if you were to use the Page Speed Service. In some cases you could improve your websites loading time by 25 to 60 percent, according to Google.

Once you’ve tested the page, the results are displayed in the same browser window.  

Ram Ramani, an engineer with Google, explained it this way: “Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying Web performance best practices, and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe.”

Google has released tools to help improve web page loading speed before, like the Page Speed browser extension and the Page Speed Online API, which was released earlier this year. Last year Google released mod page speed; the Apache module helps rewrite web pages automatically.

Currently the Page Speed Service is being offered for free by limited availability; webmasters that want to use the service must apply for Page Speed Service online in order to be free testers. In the future, the service will be available to everyone for a fee, with pricing competitive to other similar services.

Mastering Web Development
If you’re looking to improve your web-development skills, other people’s tools will only go so far. The best way to truly master the web is to start by learning HTML. You can also attend professional web-training sessions at places like Digital Media Academy.


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