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Prestigious Summer Camps at Swarthmore College

Prestigious Summer Camps at Swarthmore College

The Digital Media Academy was founded at Stanford University ten years ago and has expanded to many prestigious colleges and universities all over the United States and Canada.  This year the Digital Media Academy will be offering an extensive number of summer camps for kids ranging in ages 6-18 at Swarthmore College!  Each camp features hands on learning experiences with cutting edge media technologies ranging from robotics, 3D modeling, animation, video production, game design, graphics and much more!  Click here for summer camp info:  Swarthmore College Summer Camps.

Take advantage of the residential options available at Swarthmore College summer camps by allowing your kids to truly experience a pre-college atmosphere. Parents can vacation in nearby beautiful Philadelphia and visit the historic Independence Mall, dine in the exquisite “Old City” section and adventure to world famous scenic wonderland of Longwood Gardens.  It is a perfect opportunity for the entire family to visit Philadelphia.  Tailor the kids summer sleepaway camp experiences to fit your schedule – weekend residential sleepaway summer camps will make your summer camp planning easier.

The Digital Media Academy has industry leading experts to instruct your kids in all digital design fields at all age levels.  Give them the opportunity to get a leg up on the competition by completing these top rated courses and exposing them to the most cutting edge computer applications and equipment.  You will have access to top of the line software, computers, and video equipment to be working as a true professional in the field would.  Check out the list of summer camp classes for teens ages 13 to 18:  Teen Summer Camps.  Here’s the link for summer camps for kids ages 11 to 14:  Pre-Teen Summer Camps. Here’s the info for kids ages 6 – 12:  Kids Summer Camps

Younger aged kids have access to all the same equipment and also have the opportunities during the day for recreational games that emphasize team building and creating lasting friendships. 

Come see for yourself why kids come back to the Digital Media Academy year after year.  It is not just the amazing courses we offer, our highly skilled instructors, the fun counselors, or the friends and camaraderie they have.  It is all that combined which we call the Digital Media Academy Experience. 

I invite you to begin your own experience this summer at Swarthmore College!  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Thomas Hensler – Digital Media Academy

Ready to register for Philadelphia Summer Camps?  Click here:

Register for Digital Media Academy Summer Camps

Enjoy your Philadelphia Vacation!

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Kids Learning Pro Web Design at Age 10! Technology Classes + Computer Camp for Kids

“Wow! That animation looks great! Ok. Now we’re going to take the animated Flash movie you just created and you are going to import it into Dreamweaver on your web page. Let’s all do this together! Ready?”

I am right in the middle of another great Digital Media Adventures course for kids at Stanford: Web Design and Flash. We are taking an in depth look at the Adobe Creative Suite applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash. We are on the third day of the five-day course at Stanford University. My class just got back into the classroom from playing a crazy game of Slaughter Ball. It sounds scary, but it’s a lot of fun. Sort of like Dodge Ball. The kids in my class are a little out of breath from playing ball, but that’s to be expected at a summer camp. They came running in and jumped (literally) in their seats excited about their Flash movies they created just before the break.

While the kids are experiencing all the fun of a summer camp, they are also getting an unbelievable learning experience. That’s what makes this the full summer computer camp experience. They are learning the same pro applications we are teaching across the Stanford campus in our adult web design courses. The professional Adobe applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash are the real deal! The kids pick up the technology so fast. That makes it really fun to teach. It’s interesting how much better kids interact with technology they have grown up with their whole life.

Earlier in the week, the kids in my class had already designed and created their own logo and company business card design. Their custom business card had their picture from a photograph taken in the class. The graphics and effects they created turned out amazing. They had learned the ins and outs of the Adobe software and were creating a matching website to go with their cards and logo. They were now adding an animated movie they created in Flash to spice up their website design.

In the next three classrooms I can faintly hear the other Adventures classes. The kids in 3d video Game Design course are screaming about some new level they created trying to destroy their enemy. From the Robotics and Programming class I can hear cheers of two robots racing. I see the Film, Digital Movie Making and Effects class go by with all their cameras, mics, lights, and scripts to go act, film, and direct their next scene. I wish I’d been exposed to this when I was this age! This computer camp is the real deal.

kids computer camp learning and fun

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