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Digital Audio & Music Production for Teens @ Digital Media Academy Summercamp 2010!

That’s right, this summer The Digital Media Academy is holding digital audio & music production courses for teens! The class covers all you need to know about digital music production. Learn to record, use loops, sample, mix, master and output to make professional music right on you desktop computer or laptop! You’ll get a sense of how to work with a variety of techniques to produce outstanding digital audio under the supervision of an industry pro who will help you bring your audio ideas to life. In addition, you’ll get your hands on the latest digital audio production equipment and musical instruments. Each student will be provided their own top of the line computer equipped Logic Pro 9 and will be guided step by step in the creation of their own music and audio productions.

This summer course is tailored for all skill levels and is 5 days of non-stop fun and learning. If you are new to creating music, have some experience, or want to know how to make music that sounds like your favorite artists, this summercamp is for you!

Sign up today for a great summer computer camp experience @ prestigious Universities across the United States.

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Careers in the Film, Music, and Digital Media

In 2005 I had a problem. I was enrolled at Michigan State University and I was studying Construction Management and oh, right… I was miserable. At that time I was teaching myself how to play the guitar and I was completely in love with it. I would sit in class (those that I even attended) and just wait for that hour to come when I could run home and work on another song I was writing. I hated school.

I would eventually come to realize that I didn’t hate school; I hated what I was learning. I had no interest whatsoever in Construction Management, my father had a small family construction business and picking that “Major” just seemed like the logical thing to do.

One day I had the radical thought of pursuing a career I loved. I had to think… I didn’t care for much of the classes I had enrolled for, so now what? Oh wait!

“There is that guitar that I run home to everyday after class, I mean, I could become a Rockstar” thought 2005 Seamus. “No, that’ll never work, people will be too distracted by your good looks and not love you for your music” said Seamus’ voice inside his head. “True” sighed 2005 Seamus. “So then what do I do?”

I realized that I loved songwriter, and more so just a writing, but those are rarely sole breadwinner. So I did what any modern young man does when he’s lost in the maze of adulthood.

I Googled.

I Googled “Music Production and California” and found a college that provided for me a degree and an education in what goes on behind the scenes of media. I knew all this “tech” stuff was the furthest thing from what I was comfortable with, but I also had a feeling it was the closest thing to what I wanted to accomplish – giving birth to my ideas in this big, big world.

What I have become aware of in the past 5 years has left me dumbfounded. Since graduating from Ex’pression College, working on board the Lennon Bus, and working with Digital Media Academy, I have found more avenues of work in digital media than I could have ever imagined. What’s even better for me is that whether I am working on music or video my love for writing always finds a home.

Most parents look at the Music and Film industry and don’t see many career options. They look and they see movie stars and they see rock stars. And let’s be honest, that’s what most of the kids see too. But once you take a look closer you’ll find there is a lot going on behind those Hollywood curtains.

Here are some of the many high-end creative jobs that are involved with the music and film industry (this does not include the 100’s of other jobs done by other skilled crew and staff):

Executive Producer
Assistant Director
Director of Photography
Assistant Editor
Sound Editor
Sound Mixer
Sound Designer
Visual Effects
Art Design
Audio Engineer
Audio Producer

I have had the pleasure of learning many of these positions over the past 5 years and I’m going to spend the next few blog entries to go into some of these in depth and share with you the many creative outlets and career openings there are in such positions. And if you have any questions about something I didn’t add, just shoot and I’d be glad to go over it.

When I was at Michigan State I was unhappy. But I was unhappy because I was oblivious. I was oblivious to all the opportunities available in the world that could truly benefit from my talents. Once I opened up my eyes just a peep a whole flood of insight came pouring in and I realized I could find a career in what I loved to do. Sometimes it takes one opportunity, one moment, one summer camp to realize your dreams don’t have to be something that happen with your eyes closed.

These are not just positions available in the film and music industry but also experiences you’re introduced to as a participant in one of the DMA Summer Courses or even the Pro Courses. Who knows you could be an aspiring Director that falls in love with editing, or you could be a young student that learns their eye is behind the lens.

Stay tuned to learn more about the positions and be sure to enroll for you’re class before March 31st to save on DMA’s Spring Special!

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Make Music Videos like the Pros

Written by Tyler Winick of the John Lennon Tour Bus

If you know anything about the John Lennon bus you’ll know that we travel the country 10 months out of the year making music and video projects with students around the country. We’ve recently teamed up with the Digital Media Academy to bring week long, hands on music video production courses to campuses across the nation this summer. The course is called “Come Together” and will offer in depth instruction on the creation of music videos all the way from droppin’ beats like a clumsy farmer to editing like Spielberg, that’s Mr. Spielberg to you buddy.

I’ll be co-instructing the Music Video course with an experienced member of the DMA team, Travis Schlaffman, who has led teen summer camps from DMA now for six years and has a lot to teach and some pretty cool tattoos!! I’m looking forward to it and It should be a great collision of Bus style projects fused with DMA’s critical hands on learning. For more info See you this summer!

View the Music Video Course page here.

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