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San Diego – Great Surf, Amazing Amusement Parks and Acclaimed Filmmaking Summer Camp

Digital Media Academy’s Computer & Filmmaking Summer Camp at the University of California at San Diego is the premier digital media summer camp experience. Student campers learn about today’s most innovative media technologies through professional, hands-on instruction. Campers also get to sample student life at one of the nation’s most scenic college campuses.

Surf Not Only the Web, But The Pacific, Too!
At UCSD Surfing & Filmmaking Summer Camp, you’ll ride the waves during prime surfing hours, then edit the footage you’ve shot using state-of-the-art software and hardware. This summer be surfing the Pacific…instead of just surfing the Net – and don’t worry, you’ll be able to do that, too.

Starting next week, the surf’s up in San Diego!

This summer, DMA campers at UCSD will not only be surfing but exploring film production, game, web & app design, robotics, 3D character modeling & animation, and more. Leading industry innovators teach the courses, and the instruction is world-class and geared toward individual skill levels.

Future video game designers create levels using the Unreal Development Kit on new Apple iMacs.

Seeing San Diego
Ideally situated just minutes away from the Pacific Ocean and some of the most gorgeous beaches in the nation, UCSD offers amazing weather almost entirely year round. The campus is also located near world-famous attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Coronado Island and Legoland. San Diego offers great opportunities for family fun.

San Diego is easy to access using the quick-moving freeways. Explore the Gas Lamp District downtown, take in a baseball game at a Major League stadium. The possibilities are endless.

The San Diego Zoo has more than 4,000 animals, representing over 800 species. It is also one of the few zoos in the world that houses the giant panda. Opened in 1952, the zoo even has its own Safari tramway cars that glide above the park. Famous animator Chuck Jones (who created Bugs Bunny and most of the other classic Warner Bros. cartoon characters) often came here to sketch the animals.

Taking in the view from the world-famous San Diego Zoo Safari tramways.

Sea World was originally conceived as an underwater restaurant. It opened in 1964 with a few dolphins, sea lions and two saltwater aquariums. The park hosted 400,000-plus visitors in its first year of operation. It’s now one of the most popular theme parks in the U.S. with one of the park’s most famous residents being a beloved whale named Shamu.

LEGOland in Carlsbad features LEGO-like recreations and LEGO-themed rides and attractions. A new Star Wars area has received great reviews.

Old Town San Diego was founded in 1769. It’s the site of the first European settlement in California.

The beautiful Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island was the premier west-coast resort of its day; it still draws followers from all over the world.

Coronado Island is home to the Hotel Del Coronado. It was here that they filmed the Marilyn Monroe classic Some Like It Hot.

You can take in these great sites with the entire family before or after the DMA experience at UCSD. Summer’s great, but you have to make it last. The best way to do that is to make summer count, by helping your child make the most of his or her talents and interests. Digital media summer camps at UCSD offered by Digital Media Academy give student campers the competitive advantage they need to pursue the careers of their dreams. Space is still available in DMA’s UCSD program, so register today for the summer camp experience of a lifetime!

Founded more than a decade ago by Stanford University technology educators, Digital Media Academy has locations at universities across the U.S. and Canada. With an acclaimed curriculum, top-of-the-line hardware and software, and professional instructors, DMA delivers the ultimate summer camp experience.



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Technology and Sunshine Meet At Summer Camp

Technology and Sunshine Meet at San Diego Summer Camp

By Arash Afshar

Imagine exploring cutting edge media technologies such as robotics, 3D modeling, animation, video production, game design, graphics and more from top rated instructors in beautiful San Diego. The Digital Media Academy Summer Camp at UCSD offers students this in a unique, one of a kind learning experience!

Through the UCSD Summer Camp, your child will not only have an educational summer, but also get to explore the outdoors in very non-traditional ways.

Skateboarding and Filmmaking is a weeklong summer camp at UCSD which combines an interest in film making along with the excitement of skateboarding!  Teens enrolled in this camp will have the opportunity to receive skateboarding instruction from experts, and film all the action.  Students will also learn editing and special effects skills when they take their skateboarding video into a state of the art classroom studio for post production.

For teens and kids who would rather spend time on the beautiful San Diego beaches, the Digital Media Academy offers a Surfing and Filmmaking summer camp at UCSD.  In partnership with La Jolla Surf Camp, parent company of Surf Divas, students will have the opportunity to improve their surfing skills while filming and editing their own video!

These are only two of the many fun opportunities students have at the UCSD summer camp.  For more information on these programs and more visit: summer camp information.

There are many reasons why year after year, students return to the Digital Media Academy summer camps. Fun classes, experienced professors, and the chance to make life-long friends are just a few of them!  Register for summer camp today and see for yourself!

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Film Camp Experience for Teens : Summer Technology Camp!

Learn more about Digital Media Academy Film Camps for Teens in this video. See what teen students are saying about DMA summer technology camp programs. DMA summer camp students get the opportunity to act as a producer, screenwriter, actor / actress, director, scout, art director, digital video editor, and more! This is a truly amazing tech learning experience. 

Digital Media Academy also offers similar Film Camps for Kids and Filmmaking Courses for Pro Adults in addition to the Teen Film Camps.

Learn more at

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Learning Maya made simple

By Dave Bittorf, Lead 3d Modeling and Animation Instructor, DMA @ UC San Diego

Learning Maya can really open some doors for you in the world of 3D, animation, and special effects.  This will be my 3rd summer with DMA and I love how streamline the curriculum is.  Here is a quick overview of the Maya I and II courses.


MAYA I : Introduction to 3D Modeling

Maya has become one of the foremost 3D packages in the film industry. Participants in this Maya I training course will explore the Maya interface, workflow and production pipeline. The course includes an in-depth analysis of the modeling and texturing process. The class will also introduce students to basic rigging, blendshapes and other character animation functions.

During the course, you’ll use many of Maya’s high-end modeling tools to create a fully modeled, textured, lit and rendered interior set design. You’ll also construct a game character and a higher-poly organic head. And you’ll do basic rigging for a pre-built character including blendshape (for facial animation) setup and use these rigs for basic character animation

MAYA II : 3D Character Animation

In this Maya training course, you’ll learn the advanced features of Maya’s animation package. We’ll explore the dope sheet and graph editor in depth, and learn about keyframes and how to manipulate them to create believable motion. Many of the basic tenets of good animation will be covered to help you understand the difference between motion and believable physics and weight-based animation.

During the course, you’ll create multiple animation projects, including custom rigs utilizing techniques like IK, spline IK, custom skinweights and custom character control systems. These projects (including illustrations of stretch & squash, the whip principle, secondary motion and anticipation/action/follow-through) will be output both as playblasts and portfolio-ready rendered clip.

I hope you can join DMA for an amazing Maya learning experience this summer.

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