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Daniel Day-Lewis: First Look as Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

The sixteenth president of the United States guided the country through one of the most difficult times in American history and now Steven Spielberg is recreating the historical icon in 2012′s Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln, who with the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slavesprepares the Gettysburg address. 

Thanks to an insider, we’ve got a first look at the films star, Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln (see below). The cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Lincoln’s son Robert Todd Lincoln, Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, rumors have also swirled that Harrison Ford may make an uncredited cameo as Lincoln’s V.P., Andrew Johnson.

Team of Rivals
Based on the book Team of Rivals by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Lincoln will focus on the one-term congressman and poor country lawyer’s rise as an unknown to the seat of the presidency.

The film is also expected to spend time with Lincoln as he struggles to bring the country together as the Civil War and the issue of slavery continue to tear it apart.

The book does an incredible job of providing insight into Lincoln as a person and how he was able to win the office of president even though his rivals were more experienced and better known. Team of Rivals continues to follow the man as he enters the office and must deal with hostile congressmen, incompetent generals and his difficult cabinet – men that he ran against in his bid for presidency.

Spielberg is expected to capture the very essence of the man on film, and if this photograph of Daniel Day-Lewis (who won a Best Actor Oscar for There Will Be Blood) is any indication, it looks like Spielberg is well on his way to making an authentic drama. Day-Lewis is the spitting image of Lincoln:

Character actor Daniel Day-Lewis enjoys lunch between takes on Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Method Actor
As a filmmaker Steven Spielberg has featured Lincoln in previous films, Lincoln’s “Bixby Letter” was used an indirect plot device in Saving Private Ryan, and the Gettysburg Address is recited in the opening scene of Minority Report. Spielberg’s a Lincoln fan – and so is his star.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a serious actor, he prefers to stay in character while filming. In fact our Lincoln insider tells us Day-Lewis has been talking with Lincoln’s trademark mid-western accent since March of this year. On set, he’s called Mr. President or Mr. Lincoln depending on the scenes he’s shooting, and the actors name doesn’t even appear on a call sheet! Young actors can take a cue from Daniel Day-Lewis, if they want to be committed to the craft.

Spielberg definitely won’t have to go to film camp next summer, but you may if you want to be the next Daniel Day-Lewis or Steven Spielberg.


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