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Who is Eadweard Muybridge?

Eadweard Muybridge was a British photographer that spent most of his career in America. His photographs of animals and how they moved were the genesis for motion pictures.

This Google Doodle pays tribute to Eadweard Muybridge, the man who invented motion pictures.

Muybridge took up photography around 1861 and became a successful photographer after returning to San Francisco in 1866. Even though his business cards advertised his services as a portrait photographer, his photographs of landscapes (particularly Yosemite and San Francisco) and architecture were what built his reputation.

Stanford and The Horse
Around 1876, Leland Stanford, the former Governor of California, avid horse racer and owner, approached Muybridge to help him settle a dispute: the question of the day was were a horse’s four hooves all off the ground at the same time in mid gallop. As trivial as it seems today, the topic was a popular subject of conversation, especially for horse racing.

Muybridge used his photographic technique to capture a series of images of a trotting horse and then viewed them together using a zoopraxiscope. The process, which was refined with funding by Stanford, would become the earliest form of motion pictures. The process was not unlike stop-motion photography or stop motion filmmaking.

“The Horse in Motion” project was funded by Leland Stanford, the founder of Stanford University.

Making Movies at Stanford
You can follow in the footsteps of Muybridge and Stanford, at the place that Leland Stanford founded in 1891 – Stanford University. Digital Media Academy offers a world-class tech camp with multiple options for future filmmakers. Adventures in Filmmaking & Special Effects for kids, for example allows kids the chance to make movies using stop-motion animation and even adding neat Hollywood effects.

For teens interested in making films there are a variety of ways to experience DMA’s film camps at Stanford University -  editing, filmmaking, acting and directing. Today’s technology gives you the tools to be a pioneer, like Eadweard Muybridge.


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Film Camp. Watch a Stop Motion Movie made at DMA Summer Camp with Skittles!

See what teens made at Digital Media Academy film camp this summer in Chicago!

This video was made by shooting hundreds of individual JPEG photos and piecing/editing them together in Final Cut Pro. This was made during DMA Film Camp in Chicago this past summer in the Teen Film Editing and  Filmmaking Course. Learn how to make a movie like this at a DMA course this summer!


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