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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: Remembering Steve Jobs

In 1975, Steve Jobs worked for Atari. That year, the up-and-coming tech wizard was assigned the project of designing a prototype for a video game called Breakout. That’s right. Believe it or not, Jobs played a part in the history and development of Breakout, one of Atari’s earliest classics.

Steve Jobs (left) and Steve Wozniak (right), at Atari (left photo) and a few years later at Apple Computer (right photo).

For the project, Jobs was asked to design the prototype. He was offered $750, with the incentive of an extra $100 for each chip that was worked out of the design. Jobs had four days to complete the task.

A Tech Breakout 
Jobs’ friend, Steve Wozniak (the other Steve), worked at Hewlett-Packard (HP) at the time. “Woz,” as Jobs called him, made compact designs with a small number of chips. Jobs thought the two could work together on the hardware design and split the $750. Wozniak got to work. But instead of sketching out a design (as was common for the time), Woz made his by interpreting the game simply from the description.

To save on parts, Wozniak  (who was way ahead of day) used tricks that most engineers couldn’t understand. But after not sleeping for 4 days and eliminating 50 chips from Jobs’ original design, Woz met the deadline. Although his design was ultimately not used because of its complexity, the project built the foundation for a working partnership that would change the world.

Creating Apple
On April 1, 1976, Steve JobsSteve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne formed Apple with an idea. They would create and sell a personal computer kit called the Apple 1. Wozniak built each Apple 1 by hand and the kits were later unveiled to the public at the Homebrew Computer Club. But the very first Apple wasn’t even something you would consider as an “Apple Computer” by today’s standards. In fact, it was just a motherboard; it came with no keyboard or monitor.

The Apple I computer went on sale in July 1976 and was sold for $666.67 (that’s $2,572 in 2011 dollars). As he would later recall, Woz came up with that price, “Because I like repeating digits.”

Steve Wozniak speaks of his friend Steve Jobs’ passing and the early days of Apple.

Steve Woniak is still actively involved in the tech community – and even though he doesn’t work full time for Apple Inc., he still receives a paycheck from the company. In 2001, he co-founded  Wheels of Zeus (WoZ) to create wireless GPS technology that would, “Help everyday people find everyday things.” He had reconnected with Jobs in recent years and the two remained friends until Jobs’ death in October 2011.

Today, high school kids are learning app development with a mind toward creating the future. They’re the next generation of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniaks. And someday they may also look back fondly on the friendships and amazing memories they made over microchips.


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3d Video Game Design Experience at DMA Summer Camp

Watch an actual student talk about his experience at DMA’s Teen 3d Video Game Design Program. He used 3ds Max to create a 3d Mario World and 3d characters to match. 


Learn more at

Become a Video Game Designer at Digital Media Academy!


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3D Game Design at a Digital Art & Technology Computer Camp!

What an amazing 3d video game design experience! Digital Media Academy offers creative 3d Video Game Design courses for adult professionals, teens, and kids. All 3d Game Design courses are taught using the latest software, applications and game engines currently being used in the video game industry. Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max are two of the most popular software programs available that allow students to create realistic, 3d character models and animation movies.

In the teen 3d game design course programs, students create a full 3d game level. An entire virtual world is created for their video game. The students then create a fully customizable 3d character model to enter and play with in their 3d world! Many teens who stay for the overnight camp experience get involved in network LAN party to play against all the other students’ 3d characters. This is more than just a summer camp experience. This is the full digital art and technology computer camp experience you can only find at Digital Media Academy. You can see an actual student’s experience in this video. Below is an outline of the 3d Game Design and Video Game Creation courses offered this summer…

3d Game Design Making Video Games at DMA

3d Video Game Courses offered at DMA:     

3d Game Design Courses and Summer Camp Experiences for Teens:

  • 3D Video Game Creation I - Level Design with Maya
  • 3D Video Game Creation II – Character Design with Maya
  • 3D Video Game Creation I - Level Design with 3ds max
  • 3D Video Game Creation II – Character Design with 3ds max
  • Advanced Video Game Creation with 3ds max, Maya and ZBrush

    Professional Level 3d Game Design Computer Training:

  • 3D Game Art and Design with 3ds max
  • Also, check out the Maya Training Courses: Maya I, Maya II, Maya III, Maya IV

    3d Game Design Computer Camps for Kids:

  • Adventures in 2D & 3D Game Creation : Ages 9 – 13
  • Adventures in Advanced Game CreationAges 9 – 13       

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    Careers in Video Game Creation – An Inside Look

    By Dave Bittorf – Lead 3D Modeling, Animation & Game Design Instructor

    I’ve always been passionate about art and also curious about how games are created. If you ever wondered how artist create the amazing 3D images you  see on your favorite video game then check out the game creation classes at Digital Media Academy! I’ve been working in the 3D industry for about 5 years now. The software that we are using for these classes are the real deal. Maya, 3D Studio Max, Z-Brush and Unreal have been used to build  games such as Gears of War I and II and Unreal Tournament III. Click on the image below to check out a video that  gives you an idea about what a career in game creation is all about.

    Click to see behind the scenes

    Click to see behind the scenes

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